Paleheart was a queen and loyal member of ThunderClan before her death. She was the mate of Thornclaw and the mother of two unnamed, unknown, deceased kits and her deceased daughter, Morningeye.

History/Biography Edit

Paleheart met Thornclaw and decided he was going to be the cat to father her kits. She thought of having kits for the Clan as her duty, because so many cats had been dying from RedCough and the rogue attacks.

She managed to coax him into fathering her three kits, although they fell in love without meaning to. She gave birth to the three kits but two were dead, she did not want to see them so she focused all of her attention on her one remaining kit.

Her surviving daughter was born in the wee hours of the morning, so they named her Morningkit to fit.

Paleheart was the youngest queen, and she was expected to have more kits by Fernrunner. She was affectionate to Mosskit, Fernrunner's son, and was very kind to everyone in the Clan. Her and Fernrunner talked a lot about going back to their Clan duties, and Paleheart said she might want to help other queens instead of working as a warrior.

Paleheart was very kind to Snowpaw and Rainpaw when they joined, and just like Thornpelt, made them feel like they were home. She and Snowpaw's had a blossoming friendship and they often shared tongues when Morningkit was playing with Mosskit.

She would tell of her times as a warrior and how Morningkit got her missing eye, they became very close and Paleheart was almost happy to see her friend so ready to be a warrior.

She fought along with Fernrunner against the rogues, to protect the elders and their kits, but sadly, they both died from their injuries after the battle.

Thornpelt was insane with grief for some time before he was able to step back up and be a father to his daughter. Morningkit held her mother's presence and was a reminder of the cat they had lost, and would later lose again when she died.

Description Edit

She was a beautiful and very well-groomed grey and white splotched she-cat. She always had pride in her appearance, and constantly smoothed it down to keep her self presentable. She had piercing yellow eyes and a two grey speckles next to the left one.

Personality Edit

Paleheart was a very kind and wonderful she-cat to be around. She always made it her mission to make every cat, Clan-born or not Clan-born feel at home in ThunderClan. She knew how desperate Amberstar was becoming as more of their warriors were killed. She made it her duty to have multiple litters of kits to replenish the supply of cats to be made into new warriors, queens, and leaders. She didn't expect nor did she want to fall in love with Thornpelt. She saw him as a good father to her kits, just as she saw Blacktail and Berryface. She however loved everyone of her Clanmates like her own kits and was happy to die such a valiant and courageous death to save hr daughter and Mosskit.

Relationships Edit

Thornpelt Edit

Paleheart didn't mean to fall in love with Thornpelt, as she saw him as a good, strong cat to father her kits. She thought of three other warriors, Toughfur, Blacktail, and Berryface the same and only picked Thornpelt because of the relationships the other toms had created. She however, fell in love with him and he fell in love with her. She had their only daughter and the only kit they would ever have together, and she continued to love him until her death.

Morningeye Edit

Paleheart loved her daughter and died saving her and Mosskit from the rogues. She of course wanted to have more kits but in the end, Morningeye was her only kit from her first and only litter, and she watched over her daughter after she died. She was the cat who lead her to StarClan and they watched Thornpelt as he went completely insane, from the stars.

Twistedstar Edit

Paleheart was always very kind and compassionate when she was with Twistedstar, Snowpaw when she was alive. When Snowpaw first came to the clan, Paleheart was one of he most welcoming cats and she always had a positive attitude to Snowpaw. They became very close and would often share tongues while Morningkit and Mosskit were playing.

Fernrunner Edit

Paleheart and Fernrunner had their kits only days apart and as such, bonded over their shared motherhood. They would talk and share tongues while their kits were playing. They were close friends and would sit next to each other at gatherings. Paleheart looked up to Fernrunner, as she Mosskit was her second litter, and Fernrunner would give her tips about motherhood. They banded together to save their kits and both died because of their bravery.

Mosskit Edit

Paleheart was affectionate to Mosskit and enjoyed the friendship between him and Morningkit. She was always friendly and would scold him along with his mother when he got into trouble.

Amberstar Edit

Paleheart was very kind and respected her leader. While they had a very friendly and nice friendship, Paleheart always felt that Amberstar had been cheated out of life. Paleheart was just a kit when Amberstar became leader, but she remembered how young Amberwing, at the time, had been when she was made deputy then leader a few days later. She tried to make Amberstar feel more content with her life, as the leader never had kits or a mate. She new of her leaders close relationship with Twistedstar and her nephew, Thornpelt. Amberstar was happy to know her nephew had chosen the kind Paleheart instead of Sandwhisker as his mate.

Quotes Edit

"Mosskit, listen to your mother. Don't go running off when she tells you to take the herbs Mousejaw got for you." Paleheart to Mosskit after he runs off.

"Snowpaw, don't worry. I'm sure Amberstar will have time to train you tomorrow." Paleheart comforting Snowpaw after Amberstar has to cancel their plans for training.

"Thornpelt! Leave the apprentice alone and come talk your daughter." Paleheart after Thornpelt orders Rainpaw to help the elders.

Trivia Edit

  • She used to be Moonheart instead of Paleheart
  • She was bullied as a kit for her coloring
  • She has the biggest age gape between mates, with her only being 32 moons and Thornpelt being 66
  • Her mother hated her father, and eventually murdered him, she was banished before soon after Paleheart was born and was never seen again