Clan(s) RiverClan
Gender Female
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Reedpelt (father), Shimmershell (mother)
Litter-Mate(s) Stripesplash (brother), Sweetstream (sister)
Mentor(s) Shimmerpelt
Strengths Intelligence, wit, charm
Weaknesses Vanity
Owner Mythies123

This character belongs to Mythies123. This is my first OC on this wiki, so I'm sorry if I accidentally broke a rule. If I did, just tell me and I'll fix it.

Appearance Edit

Pearlshell is a very pretty RiverClan she-cat. Her fur is the orange-y pink color of a shell, and her underbelly is as white and sleek as pearl. Her ears are tasseled with white fur, like a lynx. Her tail is very long and soft. Her appearance makes her the fancy of many RiverClan toms.

Personality Edit

Pearlshell dislikes fighting and prefers to talk her way out of a corner rather than claw her way out. Her charm and wit make this a very good idea. She is known for her kindness and generosity. But, there is one flaw in this seemingly perfect pearl:


Pearshell is very prissy about her fur and looks, often washing her fur until sunhigh. A simple compliment could get you out of a fight with her. There's nothing she likes more than a compliment, or an admiring look, or an offer to share tongues. It's not that she's not smart (try challenging her to a game of wits sometime!), she just has a weakness, which everybody has.

History Edit

As a Kit Edit

Born to Reedpelt and Shimmershell, Pearlkit was born along with Sweetkit, Stripekit, and Riverkit. While her littermates devoted their time to play-fighting and listening to elder's tales of great battles, Pearlkit was a quiet kit, always listening at the edge but never really coming in. Sweetkit and Stripekit mostly ignored their small, shy sister, but Riverkit assumed the role of bully to Pearlkit, taunting her about her shyness and so-called "mouse-brain-ed-ness". Bitter rivalry ensured between the brother and sister, both not daring to tell for fear they themselves would be in trouble.

It seemed that the strife would never end, but one day, on their sixth moon, when Pearlkit was stalking Riverkit in hopes of scaring him, a hawk swooped onto Riverkit and began to carry him away. In an act of extraordinary bravery, Pearlkit leaped upon the hawk from behind and killed it. But it was too late for Riverkit, whose chest had been pierced by the hawk's talons. With his final breath, he apologized to Pearlkit and begged her forgiveness. Just as Riverkit died, Pearkit forgave him, and said she was sorry, too. Not quite sure what to do, she drags his body back to camp to be buried.

Before Riverkit's vigil, Mistystar announces that it is time to name new 'paws, Pearlkit, Stripekit, and Sweetkit.

As an Apprentice Edit

They receive their apprentice names, Pearlpaw, Stripepaw, and Sweetpaw.

Mistystar also says that, although Riverkit is with StarClan, that RiverClan will also honor his apprentice name on this night, for he was due to become an apprentice as well. She names Riverkit as Riverpaw, so he can at least become an apprentice like he wanted when he journeyed to StarClan.

After Pearlpaw, Sweetpaw, and Stripepaw sit their vigil for Riverpaw, Stripepaw and Sweetpaw approach Pearlpaw and apologize for ignoring her, and say how she tried to save Riverpaw's life, and that she was really their sister from now on.

Even though, for Riverkit's parents and littermates, it seems like time has stopped, life goes on in RiverClan. Pearlpaw is apprenticed to Shimmerpelt, Sweetpaw to Heronwing, and Stripepaw to Lakeheart.

Their training passes normally, except for a slight incident with a large heron that confined Sweetpaw to the medicine den for a few days. True to their word, Sweetpaw and Stripepaw stick with Pearlpaw through thick and thin.

As a Warrior Edit

The littermates' warrior ceremony comes much sooner than they think. Pearlpaw is named Pearlshell, after her mother, Sweetpaw is named Sweetstream, and Stripepaw is named Stripesplash.