Penny is a pretty white longhaired she-cat with blue eyes.


Penny was born to a kittypet named Corral. Her father is unnone. She had a sister named Nina. Penny's Twolegs gave Nina away, but kept Penny. One day she wandered away from her Twolegs and came acros BloodClan, and was taken prisioner. After that she found herself falling in love with Scourge, and one day became his mate and had kits. She moved her kits out of Bloodclan because, she knew that they would be trained harshly and never enjoy there kithood, but as she was sneaking them out, Bone caught her, so she managed to only sneak one of kits out of the clan. Penny's kit, Corn was raised as a kittypet, but when he was 6 moons old ran away and joined FieldClan.


  • Her mother, Corral is a turkish angora.
  • Her sister, Nina is now Flameflower of SplashClan, but Penny does not know this.
  • Her son is now Cornfang of FieldClan.






Sons-Cornfang, unnamed kits

Daughters-unnamed kits.

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