PetClan is a stupidly large collection of cats who live in a large area near former Clan territories. The Clan numbers between 500 million and 2 billion cats of various backgrounds. These cats have a very strong connection to StarClan. This connection is so strong, that these cats will fight to the death to defend the Clan they not only believe in, but worship.

History Edit

PetClan's story began during the reign of the three Great Clans with the birth of cats who were much smaller than their normal sized counterparts. These cats were humiliated by their clanmates and, ultimately, left the Great Clans to form their own.

The new clan proved poorly prepared for the challenges the environment they chose to settle in had for them. As generations passed, the number of members declined. By the time the clan-saving apprentice was in training, PetClan had just 13 members: the leader, the deputy, the medicine cat, 2 queens, 2 warriors, and 6 apprentices. The situation couldn't have been more dire.

Sleetpaw was born to Maplebreeze and was the only kit in that litter to live through kithood. She showed little promise when she became an apprentice. The main reason was her natural clumsiness. It was so bad, even her own mother criticized her. She also stuttered, which prevented her from communicating effectively. There were times when she couldn't start a sentence without struggling to get the first syllable out. This caused the 5 other apprentices to make fun of her. At times, it was only Sleetpaw against her entire clan.

That's how it started on her first noon patrol. Her mentor, Saltpool, lead the patrol with the 6 apprentices he was training following. Sleetpaw was last in line. Somewhere along the path, she tripped on a rock and tumbled into a ravine. When she woke up, she saw a strange object. The object she saw was a flintlock musket whose origins are a mystery. Instead of ignoring it, Sleetpaw examined the musket. She later said she wanted to know what it was and how it worked.

Little did Sleetpaw know the musket was, strangely, already loaded and fully cocked. Being unaware of that, Sleetpaw continued to examine the object she had found, which, inevitably, lead her to pull the trigger. The musket made a scrapping sound instantly followed by a loud boom and a belch of fire and smoke. Sleetpaw didn't move an inch. She wasn't even frightened. When she turned to her right, she saw a deer corpse right in front of the musket.

The deer was a doe which was pregnant and just happened to be in the line of fire. The bullet went in one eye, shot straight through the brain, and went out the other eye. Seeing the dead doe where it was, Sleetpaw wondered what else this thing could do. She was just about to investigate further when Saltpool and the rest of the patrol arrived. They were looking for Sleetpaw when they heard a loud boom. They followed the sound to Sleetpaw's location.

At first, Saltpool was enraged at Sleetpaw for abandoning the patrol. When he saw the doe and the musket, he ordered both to be taken back to the camp. The clan was amazed with Sleetpaw's discovery and suddenly praised her, even the apprentices who had taunted her just hours ago. A second patrol found a pile of papers with pictures that the cats could understand and make sense out of. Sleetpaw gained the warrior name Sleetheart and even went on to become leader. She is now known as the Savior of PetClan.

Sleetstar passed away as an elder at age 17 years. Even after her death, PetClan flourished. The papers contained detailed instructions on how to make, load and fire a gun like the one Sleetstar found as an apprentice. Several generations after Sleetstar's death, PetClan was producing guns.

These weapons gave PetClan warriors huge advantages over other clans. Firstly, they could now take out any target from a distance without the risk of a potentially fatal injury. This also meant they could hunt prey several times larger than themselves. The loud booming sound the guns produced also scared the rival clans that had once been dangerous. They also made use of the bayonet, a long claw-like blade that could be attached to the gun, adding to their melee range. The warriors of PetClan who were once fearful of their opposition were now the deadliest warriors in their territory.

With the advantages the gun had, it also had disadvantages. The guns could only fire once before they had to be reloaded, which, in and of itself, was a complicated process that could take a minimum of 12 seconds to complete. The guns also had a very big recoil, and were heavy. This was a problem considering the fact that they were attached to a collar that was worn around the neck. A weight was added to even the weight of the gun. It did that job well, but also made the collar heavy and uncomfortable to wear. PetClan cats developed stronger necks to compensate for this.

The biggest disadvantage of the weapon was the fact than any cat could use it, even those with hostile intent. This lead to the rise of terrorists known by PetClan as filibusters. Now PetClan warriors were vulnerable to their own invention. The filibuster problem never went away, though attacks became less common as time progressed.

With an abundance of prey they could hunt, PetClan's population increased. This forced it to expand its territory. At some point, the population rate suddenly skyrocketed. PetClan quickly swelled in size. The social structure they had couldn't keep up. PetClan had to reorganize itself. That turned out to be far easier than expected.

PetClan's new social structure shared an alarming amount of similarities to that of Twolegs. The sudden population boom rendered all other structures useless. The clan's warrior structure and ranking system also had to be redone. It now resembled Twoleg military structure. PetClan now owned a territory of unimaginable size. Just one camp was too little to do any good, so PetClan had multiple camps that dotted its territory. These changes and many more turned PetClan into a cat-based civilization.

PetClan originally had no belief system. This changed when they started allowing other clans to visit. StarClan was introduced to PetClan and the belief system was adopted and turned into a religion. PetClan started worshiping StarClan and vowed to protect them at the cost of even their lives. This psychology is what drove PetClan to rage war on the Twolegs and help out in the war with the Dark Forest. PetClan is now one of the most respected clans, even rivaling the Great Clans that created it. Sleetstar would be amazed at how far PetClan has come since her discovery as an apprentice.

Significant PetClan Cats Edit

Sleetstar of PetClan - discovered the weapon that saved PetClan.

Billy The Kittypet - A PetClan criminal who murdered Mapleshade and took part in the war against the Twolegs. He and his daughter, Natasha, died at the Battle at Fort 13.

Whithermist - Born fluent in all languages and knowing all cultures in perfect detail. Served as translator in PetClan's army.

Treewick - Legendary soldier who eventually became leader of the Greenleaf Grays. Gave up her life at the Battle at Fort 13

Starburst - PetClan skermisher. Slew Scourge's ghost during the war against the Dark Forest.

Travis - A PetClan warrior. He was the first to die at the Battle at Fort 13

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