PineClan Camp

PineClan is a clan that lives in twolegtreenests and love pine trees.


Dark OvercastEdit

So far picking a fight with ValleyClan.

The ClanEdit

Leader-Sweetstar-puffy white she-cat with a scar on her left back leg.Apprentice,Sagepaw

Deputy-Barkpelt-brown tabby tom.Apprentice, Ovalpaw

Warriors- Onyxwhisker-blue-gray tabby she-cat.

Trailfoot-dark brown tabby tom.Apprentice, Sniffpaw

Bubblebelly- fat pale gray she-cat.Apprentice, Krestlepaw

Serpenttail-long-tailed black she-cat.Apprentice, Palepaw

Lumbertuff-bulky brown tom.Apprentice, Chickenpaw

Elders-Puffthroat-puffy white tom.

Storkfoot- old brown tabby tom with a dark stripe on each paw.

Weaslecough-old pale gray she-cat.Apprentice, Longlegpaw

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