Platinumstar TerraClan
Clan(s) TerraClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None


Platinumstar was born in a time when TerraClan was lacking in kits to become warriors. His parents and stormstar were extrememly happy that he was born so healthy. They were just happy that they had had him at all! Platinumstar was born only a few days before TerraClan would be driven down into the caverns that right now make TerraClan's camp. Platinumstar wasn't a very social cat until he became a warrior. He would sleep in remote corners of the nursery, only leaving it when he craved milk. In this reason he was a very lonely cat. His parents were always out on patrols and he barly got to spend any time at all with them. Platinumkit craved to get out of the nursery and to move into a den with more cats that he could socialize better with. He was named Platinumkit because his pelt shimmered like platinum.


When Platinumpaw was ready to become an apprentice, Stormstar was still living and was the one to apprentice him. Stormstar went through all the old ceremonial procedures and made Platinumpaw an apprentice. He was renamed Platinumpaw and was given a mentor that is currently unknown to me. His mentor trained him to be a great warrior and showed him many great hunting techniques. After only 8 moons of training, Platinumpaw could outmatch some of the senior warriors in combat skills, although, all his life, he had a hard time hunting for the Clan. At only 15 moons of training, Platinumpaw had mastered most of the skills his mentor had taught him and was ready to become a warrior.


Platinumpelt was made a warrior when his mentor told Stormstar that he was ready to become a warrior. Stormstar totally agreed with Platinumpelt's mentor's judgement. He also knew that Platinumpelt had been lonely once again when Rubyheart had moved out of the apprentice's den, leaving Platinumpelt as only apprentice. The old ceremonial procedures were taken and Platinumpelt accepted. So, Stormstar made him a warrior, giving him the proud name of Platinumpelt. He moved into the warrior's den, now feeling happy and surrounded by other cats his age.


When TerraClan's old deputy was killed during a patrol encounter with a fox, Stormstar decided to make Platinumpelt next deputy. All of TerraClan was stunned because Platinumstar wax only recently made a warrior. There were objections, but they didn't sway Stormstar's idea that Platinumpelt would be a good leader to suceed him. Platinumpelt was very proud and gained instant popularity among all of TerraClan.


During a sad patrol of only Platinumpelt and Stormstar, Stormstar told him that he was nearing the end of his last life, and that he would like Platinumpelt to assume role as leader. Platinumpelt was shocked that Stormstar would give up living so easily. In his last moments of life, Stormstar went through the old ceremonial procedures and made Platinumpelt into leader. Then, Stormstar's eyes glazed over and he flopped over onto the ground, dead. Platinumpelt mourned for him then trotted back to camp and got up onto Highrock. He told the Clan what had happened and told them that he was now leader. He sent two warriors to go collect Stormstar's body and bury it. He told them that he would be there in a while to mourn, but that he had to appoint new deputy first. Platinumstar chose Rubyheart to become next deputy. That night, he went to recieve hs nine lives.


Platinumstar is a golden tom cat with extremely shiny hair. He has soft, amber eyes and a sleek tail.