Founders Willie, Minty, Snaper, Tess and Pounce
Current Stats
Current Leader Willie
Current Deputy Snapper
Current Medicine Cat None

PoisonClan was formed by a group dof rouges led by Willie. They were soon joined by serval dispered BloodClan cats.


Willie took leadership.


Snapper became the deputy

Medicine CatEdit


Current PoisonClan MembersEdit

Leader: Willie – A brown tabby tom

Deputy: Snapper – long-haired tortoiseshell and white tom

Medicine Cat: None

Warriors (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Pounce – A light brown tabby tom

Tess – a sleek pale grey she-cat

Brick – a ginger she-cat with a patch of missing fur on her back

Snip – a lare black and brown tom with a bob tail.

Queens (Expecting or nuring she-cats

Minty – A dark grey she-cat (Mother of Snowflake, Icicle, Cloudy and Sniff)

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Snowflake – a white she-cat with pale grey patches

Icicle – a pale grey she-cat with a white stripe down her back

Cloudy – A grey tabby tom

Sniff – a dark gray tom with a lighter gray muzzle


PoisonClan's territory borders BloodClan and ScarClan but being a small Clan, they stay away from them.

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