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Polarfrost EarthClan
Clan(s) EarthClan
Basic Info
Parents Forestpelt and Whitefrost (Both Dead)
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) Willowfall
Children Ivypool, Coalclaw, Stripepaw
Mentor(s) Littletail (Now an elder)
Apprentice(s) Furnacepaw


Polarfrost was born a moon after Dragonstar was kitted, making Dragonstar older than Polarfrost. Polarfrost was born after EarthClan had been driven from their forest home. His parents, Forestpelt and Whitefrost, however were there. Both of them are now dead. He was named Polarkit because of his pure white pelt. He loved hearing stories from the elders, which he passes down to the kits in the nursery right now.


Polarfrost was named Polarpaw at his naming ceremony. Platinumstar was still leader when he was apprenticed so it was Platinumstar who gave him his warrior name. His mentor was Littletail. Littletail was a very small cat and Polarfrost eventually was bigger than Littletail in size. Littletail taught Polarfrost some of the best hunting techniques in the Clan, turning Polarfrost into one of the best hunters in the Clan. He fed the Clan for many, many moons. Littletail trained Polarfrost for 17 moons before asking Platinumstar to hold his warrior ceremony.


Polarfrost became a warrior after 17 hard moons of training. He was named Polarfrost because it went along with his name. He proved to be one of the best and most reliable cats in the Clan. When Littletail became an elder, he brought him plenty of fresh-kill and kept him company. He was truely one of the most popular cats in the Clan. He also got to know Dragonstar very well and they became very good friends.


When Platinumstar lost his last life, Dragonstar automatically moved up to take Platinumstar's place. A new deputy had to be selected because with Dragonstar not deputy anymore, the spot was left vacant. Since Polarfrost and Dragonstar were good friends Dragonstar appointed Polarfrost to be deputy.

Meeting SugarEdit

Polarfrost was doing a forest patrol alone one day. He was mainly asked to make sure he didn't smell animals that could threaten EarthClan. As he was searching he scented rouge and kittypet, so he followed it and came across some rouges attacking a kittypet. He sent the rouges away and tended to the kittypet. She thanked him and went back to her Twoleg nest. Later, on another forest patrol, Polarfrost met her again. This time she was carrying a kit. She gave him the kit and told him to make her into a great warrior. Polarfrost agreed and took the kit. The kit later became known as Sheeppelt. The kittypet was named Sugar.

Mating with WillowfallEdit

When Willowfall finally noticed Polarfrost because of his high position, she automatically fell in love with him. Eventually, they became mates and had the Clan medicine cat as well as Stripepaw and Coalclaw.


Polarfrost is a pure white tom with blue eyes. His name fits him really well because his entire body is the colors of winter.


Polarfrost moved into the elder den when Dragonstar had only about three or four lives left. He shared the elders' den with Runningfoot. Littletail had passed away and Runningfoot was nearing death, so Polarfrost was about to be the only elder there. He was unable to become next leader because he had resigned from the deputy rank.