PowerClan is a lost clan who resides in a dark forest, which is relatively distant from the lake territory. It is a three day's travel from ThunderClan's border with WindClan. It was formed when a tomcat, later named Oakstar, became leader. He had two kits with a queen named Duskcloud, whose names were Lilykit and Burnedkit.

PowerClan is named this for no other reason then Oakstar's love of power; they are not more powerful then any of the forest clans. They have well-rounded warrior strengths. They believe in StarClan as their ancestors, like the clan cats.

Known membersEdit

In the clan, there are several cats that banded together.

Oakstar: Founder of PowerClan, he has a brown tabby pelt and heavyweight muscles. He is peaceful, yet ready to battle hardcore. Apprentice: Burnedpaw.

Duskcloud: A sleek grey queen.

Sunstorm: A orange tabby she-cat. Apprentice: Lilypaw.

Lilypaw: A small grey she-cat with flecks of grey.

Burnedpaw: A heavyset black tom.

Medicine Cat needed: Knows herbs, reads siggns from StarClan.

Deputy: Be great fighter, courageous.

Apprentices: Must be six moons old.

Kits: No specifications.

Warriors: Trained by one PowerCaln cat to share our ways.


PowerClan hunts a wide variety of prey: can stalk through the night, considering there are aminly trees in their territory. They are also quick enough to catch rabbits. They have figured out how to catch fish, but there is only one narrow stretch of water in their territory.

Camp: Is in a steep cliffed alley surrounded by holow trees. Nearby is a hole that badgers reside, and to become a warrior, the cat must injure a badger.

Founders Oakstar
Current Stats
Current Leader Oakstar
Current Deputy Currently Needed.
Current Medicine Cat Currently Needed.

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