Founders Brightsky, Strayhair
Current Stats
Current Leader Wetstar
Current Deputy Rainsnow
Current Medicine Cat Nightpool
PuddleClan is a clan formed by Brightstar, the last surviving cat of the rogue and loner clan also called PuddleClan, now called Ancient PuddleClan. Brightstar was originally Brightsky, stolen by RiverClan at less than a moon old, as their attempt to make sure clans enemies were not growing. After realizing her brother, Strayhair, was looking for Brightkit to continue the clan. RiverClan warriors soon chased him out of their territory, leading him to die of starvation. Brightsky, enraged by the fact RiverClan let his brother die without a care, exiled herself from RiverClan and joined together loners to create Modern PuddleClan. Knowing her clan wouldn't be safe in the forest, she gathered everyone to travel to another suitable forest. They eventually found a forest with a huge lake (Mosspaw Territory, named due to the fact that the swampland area is coaxed with moss), and an island in the middle of the lake. This island is called the Greattree Island, and is used as the clans, camp



Wetstar (huge, muscled white tom with large black patches and pale green eyes)

Rainsnow (limber grey tabby tom with royal blue eyes and a scar down the back of his head)

Nightpool (deep dark blue-grey she-cat with crisp, amber eyes)

Birdwing (tan tabby she-cat with curled stripes and lime green eyes)

Sweetfur (gold she-cat with a cream patch near her scruff & face and sea-green eyes)

Berrypelt (orange she-cat with white spots near her ears, muzzle, paws, scruff, and tail with ice blue eyes)

Runningstream (brown tom with black stripes running down his back, bright amber eyes

Bluewhisker (tall blue-grey tom with a lighter patch on his chest, thin scar across back, & ambient sea-blue eyes)

Darkheart (light black tom with piercing cyan eyes)

Goldenfoot (white tom with a pale golden paw and golden ears with green eyes)

Littletail (small cream she-cat with a reddish brown bobtail and lime green eyes)

Spottedleap (lean coral tom with black and brown spots running down his back & tail, hazel eyes)

Squirrelpaw (light brown she-cat with a large, bushy tail and fire-colored eyes)

Thistlepaw (small tom w/ a fox-like pattern and teal eyes)

Coldflower (pale blue-grey she-cat queen with dandelion eyes)

Crowkit (messy-furred pure black tom, white, blind eyes)

Leopardkit (pale yellow she-kit w/ black spots and a white chest, green eyes)

Sungaze (dandelion colored queen w/ orange eartips and a white scruff, olive green eyes)

Dappledkit (small calico she-kit with orange eyes)

Flamekit (bright orange tabby tom with pale yellow eyes)

Nightkit (shy black tom with white dapples that look like stars and light violet eyes, mute)

Laketail (old grey she-cat with muzzle tinged white with age & bluegrey

tail, aqua eyes)

Scarsight (old light brown tabby with deep scar across one eye, blank green eye)


Brightstar (pale golden she-cat with a large, furry red tail and orange paws, iceblue eyes)

Strayhair (bright red tom with messy fur and golden eyes)

Flyheart (light grey she-cat with a black muzzle and violet eyes)

Range/Rangespark (cat found originally in the forest, tan tom with a light underbelly and orange spots on the fronts of his legs, strange (southern) accent, and amber eyes)

Channel/Channelfire (old cat found originally in the forest, near-black tom with greyed muzzle from age and golden eyes)

Loudface (dark brown tabby with many scars across face and brown eyes, named because "his face shows a lot about him")

(many other unnamed cats)


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