Clan(s) TwilightClan and WhiskerClan
Basic Info
Parents Sunflower and Cassiel
Litter-Mate(s) Odysseus, Alex and Lulu
Mate(s) Whitefang
Children None
Mentor(s) Whitestar and Ironclaw
Apprentice(s) None
Owner Aniju Aura


Redclaw was from a big human Mansion named Dave. His mother was Sunflower and and his father was Cassiel. He had three litter-mates, his one sister Lulu and two brothers Odysseus and Alex. He lived there not only his parents and three sibling but with many other cats, older siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and none relations. His owner was a hoarder but Dave thought his owner took well care of him and his exstended family. His owner was rich and could take care of the cats very well. After living as only one cat amoung many for a year and a half, Dave left to find something better since he thought his life was boring. He had seventeen siblings in all. His mother and father had another two more litters after Dave's. The other adults cats also had their own kits and soon Dave was living in an army of cats. Dave started wondering into the near by forest more and more to get away from the other house-loving cats. He liked wandering the wild and one day he was discovered by one of the Masterstars named Twilightstar. This is when Dave joined TwilightClan.


Twilightstar offered the young tom a place in his Clan. Dave liked the strange's cat's tales of adventure and the sound of the warriors. Dave quickly joined Twilightstar and the other cats. He was given the name Redclaw since his fur was a dark ginger red. He trained a bit but TwilightClan didn't have an effective mentoring plan yet. So Redclaw and a few others made one. He often trained with Aquafur. He finally got to fight in a real battle against PhantomClan. He fought with Thunderstorm and then with Fire-eye. Redclaw found this hard to do so he retreated. Sandyfur and Ivytail thought he and a few others who retreated should be punished for running but Lavapelt said "Live to fight another day." He defended the reteaters and got the warriors out of trouble however Lavapelt was not done with them. He sent all the retreatees out on a potral. Redclaw then fought against FurryClan who were much smaller then TwilightClan but Redclaw's party only contain ten members while FurryClan was up to thirdteen. Redclaw fought Boltstorm who was the biggest cat of the rival Clan. Redclaw fought bravely but he was pittifully loosing to the FurryClan warrior. Boltstorm left some wounds in Redclaw which forced him to abandon his attack and he fleed from the mor epowerful warrior. However Redclaw didn't not retreat. He challanged another FurryClan warrior who had defeanded one of his own. He had challaged Silverslash who was smaller then him but fast. He had hope she would be weak from her former fight but so wa she. She slashed some claws marks in his fur but Redclaw was able to over power her with his weight. However, after pinning her down she clawed fierously at his face. that he had to let her go. Redclaw could not get a good hold of her and the fury in her eyes frighten him. She was fighting to kill not defend. Redclaw once again was force to flee for his life. He seperated from the others and fell into the river where he washed up on WhiskerClan's territory. Whitestar found him after he was attacked by raccoons. He joined WhiskerClan to get better and soon discovered he liked it there.


Since Redclaw fell into the river and fought raccons, he didn't smell like Twilight. Redclaw discovered he was a poor fighter, so Whitestar trained him with the help of Ironclaw her deputy. Redclaw was called Redpaw since he wasn't a true warrior though he like Redclaw better. Whitestar told him he would have to earn his name back then. So he did and became a fine warrior. He and Whitestar became mates.


Mother: Sunflower

Father: Cassiel

Sister: Lulu

Brothers: Odysseus and Alex

Mate: Whitefang


  • Redclaw always calls Whitestar by her fomer name Whitefang
  • Redclaw never told the Whisker he is from Twilght
  • Redclaw is a Somali cat


Pictures of Redclaw




Whitestar WhiskerClan

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