Reedberry is role played by Dawningpaw.


Reedy was a wild cat born to Bootle and Gazebo. Her mother was a stay cat and her father was a kittypet. Sadly she lost her mother at a young age around six or seven moons. She had one litter-mate named Dusky. She and her sister wonder around till she came across JungleClan. The leader Junglestar allowed the two young cats to join and she was named Reedpaw and given Rainsplash as a mentor. She soon became a warrior with the named Reedberry. She soon got an appentice named Bananapaw. After she mentored her for a half a year Bananapaw became Bananaleaf. Reedberry got a new apprenitce named Baopaw. Reedberry is still in JungleClan today.


Mother: Bootle

Father: Gazebo

Sister: Duskmouse



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