"Like the ripple of the water we will make it through"

Introduction Edit

You padded through the forest, listening to the sounds of a beggining storm. As rain started falling, you sped up your pace. A strong storm is coming. I need shelter. you thought, looking for a place to spend the night. As the wind started to howl you could hear some cats talking. "COME ON! We need to get back to camp before the storm gets worse!" Said a faint voice. Suddenly, a tree branch broke above you. You jumped out of the way as it fell where you were just standing. "Come on!" Said the voice again. "Come on!" The voice repeated. It sounds like they are calling me... You realized and ran after the voice. "Wait!" You yowled, trying to find them through the mist. In a moment, you found yourself a fox-length away from two cats. "Do you need help?!" Asked one of them, looking thoughtful. "Well..... I heard a clan roams this forest.." You started. "And you wish to join us?" Finished the strange Grey-pelted cat. "Yes...." You responded, looking hopeful. "Arrowstar will decide if you can join Rippleclan." Replied the other cat simply. "I am Sunpetal, the medicical cat. This is Slick tail, she's the deputy." She finsished nicely. "Follow us." Said Slicktail, padding deeper into the forest. Sunpetal followed, and you padded after them joyfully. After awhile, you exploded into a clearing. "Who have you got there?" Asked a nice-looking light brown pelted cat. "This loner wants to join Rippleclan, Arrowstar." Arrowstar nodded. "I shall let them join." Arrowstar meowed. Suddenly, the wind started howling louder. "Your ceremony will be tomorrow. The storm is becoming too fierce to do it now." She finished. "Welcome to Rippleclan!" Sunpetal meowed happily. "Congrats!" Slicktail purred. All storms will pass, you thought. And this one has brought me to my new life. My life with Rippleclan.

General Information Edit

Prey: Fish, Mice, Birds, Rabbits, voles.

Prey Stats: Plentiful

Season: Greenleaf

Member Count: 3 (please note that we are just starting to build our clan and start it)

Roleplayers: 0 (These cats are not officaly part of our clan but they roleplay with us)

Activities Edit

Capture The Mouse: Capture the mouse is a fun games for kits and apprentices. It is based off 'Capture The Flag' but in this game we have 'ranks'. There is the spy, The gaurdian(s) and the Thieves.

Sparring: Sparring is an activity for apprentices and warrirors. Basically, two warriors/apprentices battle eachother without using claws/biting. You may pretend to bite, or bite gently, but please do not attack your friends like they are trying to steal kits!

Races: The races are for all ranks, Kits, Warriors and Apprentices! There are quite simple. We just race eachother and the winner gets first pick from the prey pile!

Cat and Mouse: This game is for apprentices, Warriors, and kits that are at least 3 moons and older. There are two teams. One team is the 'cats' and the other team is the 'mice'. The cats get a limited time (Usually 3-7 mins.) to try to 'catch' the mice. The last mouse that hasn't been 'caught' gets first pick from the prey pile!

Scent and Swim: This game is for Apprentices and warriors. One cat will close thier eyes and try to scent where the other cats are. The other cats will try to swim away from the cat who is 'it'. If the cat who is 'it' catches you, your out.

Ambush Practice: This game is for apprentices and Warriors, like Scent and Swim. There will be two teams. One team will try to susprise attack the other team. The winning team will be decided by the leader or Deputy/Co-Deputy.

Events Edit

Greenleaf Celabration: To Celabrate the start of Greenleaf, cats of Rippleclan gather at the lake and have fun! You can hunt, swim, spar, or just chat with your friends! Afterward, we have a feast at camp!

Leaf-fall Celabration: At the beginning of Leaf-fall cats of Rippleclan gather at Fourtrees to play, chat, spar, and celebrate! Then, back at camp we the Celabration going by doing races, playing Capture The Mouse and Cat and Mouse!

Leaf-bare Celabration: We celebrate Leaf-bare because we know after the cold days are over, Newleaf awaites us! For this Celabration, cats of Rippleclan gather at Hunting Grounds to share tounge, race, spar, and just have fun!

New-Leaf Celabration: For this Celabration we all gather at the training hollow to play, spar, chat or hunt! Then, at camp we have a feast! You may also go swimming in the lake if you wish. First cat into the lake gets first pick from the prey pile and sleep in the leader's den!

Grieving: This isn't a Celabration, but it is an event. Every time a cat goes to Starclan we will grieve for them. First, thier mate, kits, and sisters/brothers sit with thier body. Then, thier closest friends. Then, everyone else. Finally, the leader will sit vigil for the night with the body. In the morning the elders bury the body.

Growing Cats: Everytime a kit becomes an apprentice, an apprentice becomes a warrior, a warrior becomes deputy, etc., we will celebrate! We will all sit around the prey pile and listen to stories by the elders. It is a joyous time of fun and Celabration!

Birth: Everytime a kit is born we will celebrate by showing the kit around camp, and playing! Later, the kit will have thier naming ceremony.

Rules Edit

  1. Absolutely NO swearing! Please use Warriors talk like 'Foxdung!'
  2. No powerplaying! This mean saying 'Dodges' or 'No miss'.
  3. Always respect higher ranks!
  4. Live by the warrior code!
  5. Never kill cats of your clan!
  6. Please, not too much drama!
  7. The names 'Silverpelt' and 'Star_' are forbidden.
  8. NO Atonamy/Latin. Some people may not know what you are saying.
  9. Once you leave 3 times, you may not come back.

10. If you find a trespasser, please ask them to leave. If they don't, you may chase them off.

Punishments Edit

Extra Hunting

Taking care of the elders

Apprentice duties

Sleep outside camp

Ear torn




~News~ Edit

We officially start Rippleclan!

We offically have the Rippleclan page up and running!

Arrowstrike receives her 9 lives and her leader name, Arrowstar!

I proudly appoint the first deputy, Sparkstorm!

Sunclaw decides to become a medicine cat, and takes the name of Sunpetal!

Quotes Edit

Like raindrops we make ripples and like ripples we make a river,together. ~Sparkstorm

I was always cruel to my enimies, and loving to my family. It's how I am. ~Arrowstar

Like vines on a tree we stick together, through storms, through rough times. ~Arrowstar

Leader (1/1) Edit

Name: Arrowstar

Lives: 9/9

Mate: None

Apperance: Arrowstar is a light brown she-cat with sea foam green eyes. She has a white underbelly and a scar on her cheek.

Deputy (1/1) Edit

Name: Slicktail

Mate: N/A

Apperance: Slicktail is a kind she-cat with a grey pelt. She has dark grey markings scattered over her and a black underbelly. She has beautiful green eyes.

Co-Deputy (0/1) Edit

Name: N/A

Mate: N/A

Apperance: N/A

Medicene Cat (1/2) Edit

Name: Sunpetal

Mate: N/A

Apperance: Sunpetal is a light-yellow she-cat with a sunny personality. She has a white underbelly and white splotches scattered around her pelt. Formerly Co-Deputy.





Medicene Cat Apprentice (0/2) Edit








Elite Warriors (0/5) Edit

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Warriors (unlimited) Edit

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Apprentices (Unlimited) Edit

Name: Mentor: Apperance:

Queens (unlimited) Edit

Name: Willowshine Mate: Unknown Kits: Expecting Apperance: Willowshine is a beautiful she-cat with a blue-grey pelt. She is very funny, sweet and often crushes on Toms in and out of her clan. But be careful, she can be sassy!

Name: Mate: Kits: Apperance:

Kits (unlimited) Edit

Name: Apperance:

Elders (Unlimited) Edit

Name: Mate: Apperance:

Roleplayers (Unlimited) Edit

Name: Mate: Rank: Apperance:

Applacations for Roleplay Edit

Please note that this just means roleplaying with us on the wiki.

OC Name:

OC Gender:

OC Rank:

How You Found Us:

Roleplay Example:

Link to the roleplay page >>Rippleclan Roleplay<<Edit

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