Sorrow gazed wistfully down at her water bowl. Her twoleg owners were gone for the week. She was stuck with some weird old twoleg that her owners called "Granny". She didn't like Granny, so she decided to stay in her cupboard. "It's so boring.... even with my owners..." She muttered. She jumped out of the cupboard and onto the windowsill. She sighed. "I heard from mom that great grandpa Rusty went into the forest a long time ago... And never came back." She said to herself. "But.... Should I do that? What would my friends think? I might miss them." She thought about her neighborhood friends, Fog, Jade, and Ruby. "But it's so boring here..... I guess I can go for a little bit..." She perked her ears for any sign that Granny was awake. She heard snoring. "Good." She wriggled through the open window crack and leapt into the backyard. "....." She looked around silently. "Hmm...." She closed her eyes. "I think the forest is..... that way?" She turned, and faced a tall fence. Suddeny, she heard a voice. "Sorrow, what are you doing outside at this hour?" Sorrow looked to her left. On the fence was a pale gray cat. "Oh... Hey Frost." She muttered. Frost was her older littermate, but she had been adopted by the twolegs in the house next to Sorrow's. "Well? It's not like you to be up and outside at night." Sorrow glared at Frost. "None of your buisness! And why isn't Joy here?" Joy was another sister of hers, but Sorrow was older. "She had to go to a place called "The Vet's Office". Something about a broken leg. Only a hareline fracture, though. She'll be fine, I guess." Frost started to groom her face. "Ok, then.... I'm going for a walk." Sorrow said bitterly. "In the forest? Are you insane?" Frost looked up from grooming. "Maybe so, but I need to get away from the boredom of this place." Sorrow answered distainfully. "Ohhhh, no you don't! My little sister isn't going to be mauled by wild cats on my watch!" Frost jumped down and managed to nudge Sorrow a majority of the way to the door. "Ok, fine! Just stop it!" Sorrow yowled at faked a swipe at one of Frost's ears.