RiverClan is open for Role Playing. No canon warriors from the series, only fan-made Warriors. Please place your user name next to your cat so other users know which cats belong to whom.


Goldenstar (Seawing10)


Stormcloud (Seawing10)

Medicine CatsEdit

Nightleaf (Cookiethekittypet)

RiverClan MembersEdit

Current Role Players. 

Bigtail (Warrior) (Seawing10) 

Bronco (Seawing10) 

LilyShine (warrior) (pearl336) 

All Known RiverClan MembersEdit

For any Users who leave, place their Warrior's name and their name here. 


RiverClan's rivals are ThunderClanShadowClan and WindClan. RiverClan is known for allying with ShadowClan. 



RiverClan lives on a field-like structure with a river flowing around it. The Sunningrocks used to be part of their territory, but over time the water around it drained and now ThunderClan claim it's theirs.


RiverClan lives on a patch of land surrounded by a river. It was originally going to be the island, as Hawkfrost suggested it, but it became the gathering place for all the clans.