Riverpaw on a break.

Rivercloud is a pretty gray striped she-cat.


Rivercloud's MessageEdit

She starts as Riverpaw.She wakes to find Nightfall (Yewfellow's Mate) recovering from Greencough and Moonshine (Yewfellow's Sister) dead.This is the start of a greencough outbreak.Later Leaffang and Lostfoot (Yewfellow's Kits) get it.Clifffoot and Riverpaw's sister, Flypaw die of Greencough.When Swooppaw dies, she suspects it was a border skirmish.But when she went to the Starflower, she saw a patrol of Goldenstar, Yellowtail, Bluewhisker and Tallpaw.

Dark OvercastEdit

She is an apprentice, Rivercloud, and comes to check on Minkpelt, expecting kits.Runningkit wants to be her apprentice, and Fallenleaf points out Skyblue will go to the elders soon.Then she has an apprentice, Runningpaw.