Leader-Swiftstar-dark brown tom with blue-green eyes

Deputy-Fleetfoot-Light brown and White she-cat with icy blue eyes

Medicine cat-Moonleaf-White she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors-Patherclaw-Black tom with razor sharp claw

Reedshine- Bright golden Shw-cat with amber eyes

Darkpelt- small brown she-cat with electric blue eyes

Flamefur- flame-colorred tom with green torch eyes

Splashheart- gray tom with darker spots and stripes

Eeltail- Black tom with skinny tail and tourquoise eyes

Blackbee- Black and yellow she-cat with emerald eyes.

Queens- Dewnight- Black she-cat with electric blue eyes. mother of Poolkit (White she cat with blue-gray eyes) Riverkit ( Black she-cat with electric blue eyes)

Whitetail- White she-cat icy blue eyes. mother of Chargekit ( dark grey tom with amber eyes )