Robinstar was the mate and deputy of Chasestar, one of thee most well-known ShadowClan leaders. She led a harsh life with rogues constantly murdering her clan mates. She led the clan and was killed by Stoneclaw, who had also murdered Chasestar when he was an apprentice.

History/Biography Edit

Early Life: Edit

She was born to Hummingwing (mother) and Mossdapple (father). She was their only kit as her father died soon after her mother found out she was expecting a kit. Her mother was overwhelmed by grief and did not take another mate after Mossdapple's death.

Feather of a Robin's Wing Edit

It starts off with Robinpaw training in the woods with her mentor, Lightwhisker. They return to the camp and Robinpaw is renamed as Robinwing during her warrior ceremony. She settles down for her night vigil and Chasewind joins her.

Rogues attack the camp and Robinwing is wounded. Chasewind helps her to the medicine cat den before leaving her form Sandtooth to take care of.

She wakes up two days after the battle with the rogues. Her eye is permanently damaged and now she is only

Description Edit

She has flaming russet and orange fur with deeper red tabby markings. Her one eyes is pale green while the other is hidden beneath a thick scar spanning from her ear to her jaw. She has a white splash covering her chest.

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Chasestar Edit

Chasestar was her mate and friend. He was made a warrior shortly after she was born and by the time she was made into a warrior, he had developed feelings for her. He was however cold at times, but that was his personality. He later picked her over another she-cat, Icestripe, to be his mate.

Mossdapple Edit

She never met her father, but her mother told her great stories of his bravery and courage. Her mother said how he had died protecting the queens from harm and how he saved Sandtooth, the medicine cat, from being killed by a rogue cat.

Hummingwing Edit

Her mother was a calm and nurturing. She raised Robinstar as her only child and as a single parent. She told her countless stories when she was young about Mossdapple and her own adventures. She was killed by rogues later in Robinstar's story and watched over her daughter from StarClan.

Icestripe Edit

Icestripe and Robinstar never got along, partly due to Icestripe's jealously and rage over Chasestar picking Robinstar over her to be his mate. She was always cruel Robinstar though, long before Chasestar ever showed interest in her. Icestripe's adopted son later killed the two leaders after she put the evil thoughts into his brain.

Lightwhisker Edit

Lightwhisker was Robinstar's mentor and friend. They had a very good relationship and he was the father she never had. He was one of the senior warriors in the clan and retired soon after Robinstar became deputy. She talked to him often and visited him in the elders den when she had spare time. She was devastated when he died, as it was like losing a father.

Grassroot Edit

Grassroot and her had always been good friends. Their friendship blossomed when Grassroot became Sandtooth's medicine cat apprentice. She was a gifted and talented Medicine cat and flourished under Robinstar's appreciation and kind words. They were still very close when Robinstar was murdered, and Grassroot died only a week or so later after her death due to RedCough.

Sunblaze Edit

Sunblaze was Robinstar's and Chasestar's only daughter. She is the oldest of the litter and has stuck by her parents through everything that had happened. She was a shining beacon in Robinstar's life and she continued to hunt for her parents murderer after they had both gone. Robinstar loved her daughter fiercely and even sacrificed one of her lives to save her daughter from death.

Mountainclaw and Duststorm Edit

Robinstar and Chasestar's two sons were not as popular with their parents as their sister, but they were still loved and cherished by them. Robinstar celebrated when her children were finally apprenticed and then made into warriors. She even had a say in Duststorm's name. Her two sons were just as devastated as Sunblaze when their parents were murdered.