Rockstar EarthClan
Clan(s) EarthClan
Basic Info
Parents Scruffy and Max
Litter-Mate(s) Pebblepelt
Mate(s) Whitefoot
Children Happykit and Lynxkit
Mentor(s) Heavypelt
Apprentice(s) Steelclaw


Rockstar was born as an alley cat named Rocky. He has one litter-mate named Pebble. His mother was named Scruffy. His father was named as Max. A big tom named Earthpelt was stole by the twolegs and came to live in a house near Scruffy. Earthpelt left his human home to live with the allycats along with Scuffy and her two kits. He gathered more allycats and kittypets including Max. He formed a new clan called EarthClan. Rocky lived in the clan most of his life and grew into a fien young cat.


Rocky was named Rockpaw. His sister Pebblepaw wanted to be the medicine cat. Rockpaw got he mentor Heavypelt. Max took Scruffy back to the twolegs nest since she deserved a goo peacefuly life. Rockpaw and Pebblepaw stayed in the caln but visted their parents often. While he was an apprentce, WaterClan formed. Rockpaw soon became a warrior.


Rockpelt started to mentor his own apprentices when he had been a warriro for six moons. His apprentice was Stealpaw who later became Steelclaw. WaterClan and EarthClan started to get attacked by some foxes. Some of the warriors died defending the clans. Rockpelt soon became one of the oldest warriors in the group. Earthstar lost some of his lives to these foxes. Earthstar hadn't named any deputy since the cats need training. He would have made Heavypelt deputy but he was old and ready to retire so he made Rockpelt deputy.


Rockpelt often went on morning patrols and organized the night paltrols. He helped his sister find herds for healign as well. Rockpelt seem to have his own nine lives. He was attacked on oen of the foxes that attacked the nursry. He got a scar on his left flank but survived and save the kits. Earthstar died noblily in battle against the foxes. Rockpelt assumed leadership.


Rockstar came back from gettign his nine lives. Soon after this the foxes were relocated for attacking human's pets and moved to another more wild forest far away. AirClan had formed asome tiem before Earthstar died, then FireClan formed.. He fathered Happykit and Lynxkit and is mates with Whitefoot. He still finds herds for Pebblepelt and still goes on morning patrol. Rockstar is still leader of EarthClan



Whitefoot EarthClan

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