Here are the rules for role playing so we can have a guide line and things remain fair.

User Rules

Users are limited to only having three cats in one clan. I, Aniju Aura, rather prefer users to have at least one cat in each clan, so that way you know what is going on in the other Role Playing Clans. However you can be three different cats in each Clan, if you can held it!

Users can only join by asking first. It is nice to know who is in the Clan as who. Apprentice can ask for a mentor. New users cannot just claim someone as a mentor without asking.

User cannot take away some one else's spot. New users cannot to be leader or deputy but the spot is filled. Since all the spots are filled users who join will have to be warriors, apprentices, queens, elders or kits.

Users cant not mentor their own characters. A user must mentor another User's apprentice character.

Character Rules

Character must belong to the user; no one is allowed to use another player's character unless they are a background character. If it is something simple not out of character and no character talks then it is okay to have them in the background.

  • Example: Windtail took Seafoot, Riverheart, Tidesplash and Wavetail to go see a dead cat but no character did anything specific, just stood and keep watch.

Character can only do things in reasonable capabilities. They can’t do something impossible like going god mode where they can’t die when they are morally wounded. Only leaders who have nine lives can come back to life but even they can become invisible. And if the leader loses their last life the deputy becomes leader and the user who owned the leader can make a new character but can’t leader the clan anymore.

  • Example: If Metalstar gets killed, he loses his life and comes back, if not last life, but can’t get it back. He can’t suddenly attack a whole clan and not died from the injuries.

Characters can only become apprentices by ask for a mentor. The leader then has to ask one of the warriors to be the apprentice's mentor. If they agree than everythings works out find. Or the appentice can ask a warrior if they would like to be their mentor.

Characters can only become mates with another character if the user of the other character agrees. If both of you role playing characters decide to be mates, than that is okay.

  • Example: If Oceanstar wants to be mates with Clawsplash but one of the users don’t want it then they can’t be mates. Burnedheart and Stormheart can be mates because they are owned by the same user.

Characters must come from a role playing one of the Role Playing Clans, OceanClan, IceClan, MetalClan and JungleClan. Not taking characters from another Clan and no making new role playing clans. Four Clans is enough. Role playing cats can not levae their clan to a none role playing clan. Burnedheart was before this rule so he was able to side. But from now on no role playing cat can leave their Clan to join another one that is not for Role Playing.

  • Eample: Goldeneye cannot leave MetalClan and to join WhiskerClan.

Characters can't kill someone else's character unless they wish so. That way people don't kill a character who the user wishes to keep using. Hinting at a possible death is okay but can't not say that character died. Only the character's owner can wish to take the opportuiny to have thier character die or not.

  • Example: The Cat Killer attacked Seafoot but they were said to have died. Seafoot was said by the user to have survived.

Clans Rules

There are only four Role Playing Clans, for now. The role playing Clans are OceanClan, IceClan, MetalClan and JungleClan. There will be a fifth Clan that will be our BloodClan but I, Aniju Aura, will make it when the time it right. So no other role playing Clans please! Or they will be delete if they are not changed to fan fiction clans.

SpiritClan isn't role role playing and neither is OblivionClan. Only Whitestar, Mercurywing and Leafpetal can give prophecies. Demonclaw will appeare to role playing cats to show a sign that something bad will happen so keep an eye out for him and the doom his brings.

Clans are lead by a leader and the current deputy can only become leader if the former leader dies. No over throwning a leader, however if the leader is ment to be evil in the story, than a deputy or other cats can over thrown the leader. But if the leader is a good one than they stay.

Clans can't wide out another Clan. There will be the main four clans, Ocean, Ice, Metal and Jungle and they cannot kill off another role playing clan. None Role Playing Clan canot interact with the Role Playing Clans. Only the Role Playing Clans can be rivals with the other Role Playing Clans.

Clans from other areas, like from other stories, can not comunicate with the Role Playing Clans. Also cats from another Clan can not join the Role Playing Clans. And Role Playing cats can not come from a none Role Playing Clan. All cats were born in the Clan. Rogues can only join a clan if they asked the leader of the Clan first. They will also get their warrior name.