Founders Rosestream, Frogjaw, Stormbreeze and Lionstorm
Current Stats
Current Leader Ashstar
Current Deputy Wildpelt
Current Medicine Cat Willowflower
 Roseclan was formed by four HawkClan members who were seperated after a fight.


Rosestream took place as leader first, however her reign wasn't for long. She disappeared and was never seen again  just two days after she got her nine lives after hunting. Fortunately she chose her deputy Lionstorm, later Lionstar. He ruled for many moons and incredibly, still led the clan when Ashstar was born, about twenty moons after. Sadly, his extremely long reign came to an end after he died in battle. Ashstar took place as leader after.


Lionstorm was the first deputy for just two days, until he unexpectantly took place as leader. Stormbreeze took deputyship next, until Frogjaw ousted him, however they kept fighting for it, until Frogjaw was hit by a monster, so Stormbreeze took it once and for all. Unfortunately, he died of sickness after, then Ashthorn became deputy, then became Ashstar. She appointed her brother Wildpelt as deputy after she received her nine lives.

Medicine catsEdit

At first, a kittypet named Leafy became the medicine cat, becoming Leafclaw. After she died, Her apprentice Briarberry took place as the medicine cat. She was the medicine cat for a fairly long time until she died, presumably in a flood. Her apprentice Willowflower is the current medicine cat.

Current membersEdit

Leader: Ashstar: Grey she cat with black patches and green eyes

Deputy: Wildpelt: Grey tom with stick up fur, black patches and green eyes

Medicine cat: Willowflower: Grey she cat with amber eyes


Dustpetal: White she cat with amber eyes 

Bravedrop: Brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes 

Lillyclaw: Yellow she cat with amber eyes 

Tallstripe: Black tom with yellow eyes 

Hollystream: Brown she cat with black stripes and green eyes 

Flowerleap: White she cat with ginger patches and amber eyes

Petalstem: Light grey she cat  with yellow eyes

Hazelpelt: Dark brown tom with light green eyes

Cleartail: Silver she cat with blue eyes

Stormstripe: Dark grey tom with light grey stripes and yellow eyes

Darkdusk: Brown tom with dark amber eyes



RoseClan's rivals are BraveClan and FlareClan 

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