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Rosekit was born to NightClan. She was loved by her parents but always felt out of place. She played with other kits but would loss faith as soon as they called her, "Redfur" or "Red face". Her light red pelt made her stand out from all of NightClan.


Rosepaw became an apprentice around the same time as Blackfeather. She was given Cocoheart, the light brown she-cat, as a mentor. Cocoheart gave her great respect and honor. She loved to train with her new and only friend. She trained hard and played like a kit with Cocoheart.


Rosefang became a warrior at the same time Blackfeather did. She stood and looked proud. When she was named Rosefang, Cocoheart meowed her name out first. Rosefang always hunted with Cocoheart but one day got split up from her beloved mentor. Rosefang became scared and met Blackfeather and his band. At first she couldn't tell who he was, but she talked to him. Blackfeather realized how much they had in common and sent the raiding party away. She and Blackfeather fell in love, and Rosefang would met him at gatherings. She made Blackfeather feel like he had never felt before and both their eyes became more lit up. She owed him a lot and spoke of having kits with him. Blackfeather thought about the Idea and agreed. Rosefang was very happy, but the happiness ended with Burnedstar's leave and Stormheart's death. She never went back to Blackfeather but kept his love close to her heart.