Newest in my line of Books, this is all about BrokenClan, and some new clans like RuinClan, ChaosClan, and MistClan. This story takes place higher into the mountain territory where NightClan, LightingClan, FrostClan, and StreamClan live. is the URL to my new book.

Main characters are(Leaders and Deputies): Edit


Ruinstar: A brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Sumari: A grey, white and black she-cat with one red eye and one blue eye. (deputy of RuinClan)


Miststar: A white and blue tom with green eyes

Hiddenclaw: A dirt brown tom with yellow eyes (Deputy of MistClan)


Chaosstar: A large black cat (Tom) with very odd purple markings around his left eye. He has mist white eyes

Fallensoul: A brown tom with black markings around his left eye. He, like Chaosstar, has mist white eyes. (deputy)


Shatterstar: A red and white tom with faded blue aqua eyes.

Twistedsoul: A white tom with blood red eyes. (Deputy)

Main characters (warriors and apprentices):Edit


Ageclaw: A small brown tom with a black stripe down his back. He has yellow eyes.

Anceintheart: A large black tom with a gray stripe running along his side. He has emerald green eyes.

Fadepaw: A small white and black topped tom with eriee amber eyes.


Emeraldheart: A tan and brown spotted she-cat with orange eyes.

Rainkit: A blue she-cat with ligh blue eyes.


Sagefur: A brown and white she-cat with blue and green eyes.

Holefoot: A black tom with smokey amber eyes.

Falconpaw: A tan and wood brown tom with sea green eyes.


Earthheart: A brown tom with blue eyes.


Hiddenpaw: A white she-cat with orange and blue eyes.

Soulpatch: A white tom with burning amber eyes.



Vastly rocky and is more up hill than all clans. The few trees that litter the area are dead and provide no cover for ambushes. The land does have a small lake and a lot of lizards that the cats of RuinClan eat. Catching a hawk or a falcon is given strait to the leader before the kits and elders can have any. There are some rabbits and mice but they are spread very thin.


A slopped range and is vastly downhill. The large open feilds provid prefect mouse, rabbit, and bird hunting. A lake that surrounds the camp gives off an eriee fog that covers the camp everyday.


Hidden in a valley over grown with vines and covered in rocks. Rabbits and mice run freely and are over populating the valley. A small water fall is the source of water.


Sheltered by a very dense forest, BrokenClan hunts lizards, mice, rabbits, and some frogs. Deeper in the woods is forbidden because of legends of pure white hawks living in the area.