This is the story of RuinClan and its wars against ChaosClan, BrokenClan, and MistClan.

Book 1: Time that can't be undoneEdit


A large tabby tom pads from a rock formation. His amber eyes glint against the moon light. Cats gathered around him and looked to him with fear and shock, "Cats of RuinClan," The tabby cat started, "Here tonight under the watch of SpiritClan and MountainStarClan, do you, Agepaw, swear to up hold our sacred warrior code and defend this clan even at the cost of your life?" A brown cat padded forward. His black stripe shown well against the full moons light as he meowed, "Yes Ruinstar." The tabby tom nodded, "I, Ruinstar of RuinClan, ask our great warrior ancesters to help and guide Agepaw in his journy and life ahead," Ruinstar closed his eyes and sighed. Opening them slowly he meowed, "SpiritClan has chosen your name. From this moment until you die you will be know as Ageclaw." The cats of RuinClan started to cheer and chant, "Ageclaw! Ageclaw! Ageclaw!" Ageclaw bowed his head and padded to the rocky entrance of camp. He sat down and watched for enemies as his vigle started. The moons light seemed to get brighter when the newly named Ageclaw smiled.

Chapter 1:Edit

A storm blew over the upper mountain terrain. The storm pulled trees and moved rocks, the streams were over flowing with water. Ruinstar padded by the stream and meowed to a grey, white and black she cat, "Sumari," He started, "What do you think of this water level?" The rouge and deputy called Sumari was know through out all of RuinClan, "If the water continues to rise we will need to move the kits and elders into higher dens." Ruinstar nodded and meowed, "I meant more for this war between us and ChaosClan." Sumari nodded and answered, "ChaosClan is in a valley they will be swamped with water in no time flat." Ruinstar gave a puzzled look. Though RuinClan and ChaosClan were at war, as all clans seemed to be, Ruinstar had no ill will toward ChaosClan and the warriors that rule the valley part of the mountain. "We should return to camp." Ruinstar meowed, "Who knows, there might be some trouble back in camp." Sumari and Ruinstar turn and leave the over following stream.

When the returned RuinClan was calm. The queens were chatting about their kits, Elders were sharing stories with apprentices listening very closely. Kits almost 6 moons old play fought each other and ran around camp with wondering eyes. The warriors were all gathered around and elder and were listing to the elders tale of a great battle he fought before these warriors were born. A kit ran under Sumari, and several more followed. She lifted her legs and let the kits run around under her. A warrior broke from the circle and padded to Ruinstar, "Welcome home Ruinstar," The warrior meowed in a soft but deep voice, "What news has the patrol brought?" Ruinstar smiled and meowed, "Nothing to new Falconheart. The stream is over following once more." Falconheart was a tabby mix. He had calico spots with tabby stripes on his brown fur. Falconheart nodded and meowed, "So when do you think ChaosClan will flee?" Ruinstar shook his head, "That i do not know my friend. Only time will tell if they leave." Sumari laided herself down and let the kits run all over her. One kit was a teal blue color, while the rest of her litter mates were dusty brown. Sumari tilted her eyes up and met the eyes of the teal kit, "What are you doing Stormkit?" Sumari meowed playfully. Stormkit batted Sumari's ears and asked, "Can you pway wif us?" Sumari laughed a bit and lifted herself up, "Im a deputy, Stormkit. My duty keeps me a little busy for play." Stormkit gave a sad look and meowed, "Ok..." Sumari smiled and grabbed the young kit, "But im sure Ruinstar can handdle things for a bit. What game are you wanting to play?" Stormkit gave mews and squeals of delight and happyness. The little kit pulled himself out of Sumari's grasp and meowed, "Lets pway.... Warriors!" Sumari laughed as the kits started calling out names and ranks. While they played, Ruinstar took Falconheart into his den, "The kits are growing. Soon they will be apprentices." Falconheart nodded and meowed, "I can mentor Stormkit or Lavakit. They seem to like me." Ruinstar looked at Falconheart and meowed, "Not to be rude but Sumari is going to mentor Stormkit. She and him have a very strong bond of friendship. You may mentor Lavakit." Falconheart nodded and padded out. A kit run into Ruinstar's den. The kit hid behind Ruinstar as an elder and two warriors stormed the den, "Wheres the kit!?" The elder hissed. Ruinstar lifed himself up, "What has the kit done?" "He bit me!" One of the warriors complained. "Its tore up my bed!" The elder wailed. The other warroir remained silent. Ruinstar looked at the kit, its head hung low and it waited to be scolled. Ruinstar rose his voice but at the elder and warrior, "Shes only a kit! She is still learning about the camp and other cats." The elder hissed at Ruinstar and with one swipe the elder flew from Ruinstar's den. The elder got back up and was horified at his leader strenght.. The warriors backed out of Ruinstar's den and ran to their dens. Sumari ran to Ruinstar and meowed, "Whats our daughter done this time." Ruinstar was licking his kit when Sumari asked the question, "Our little Emberkit has done nothing wrong. She was just learning about other cats and elders beds." Emberkit was a tabby like her father. She had her mothers white top and black bottom but her pelt was brown.