Runningfoot TerraClan
Clan(s) TerraClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Littletail
Children None
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Dragonstar


Though her parents are unknown, we do know that she was kitted before TerraClan was driven into the underground caverns. Therefore, that means she witnessed The Great Battle. She was named Runningkit because because she was born with extremely long legs.


Runningfoot was apprenticed shortly after they had been driven into the caverns. Many other kits such as Littletail were apprenticed too. This happened because Stormstar was planning to launch a counterattack back at the wicked Clan that drove them away. In the end, Stormstar never followed through with his plan. Runningfoot's mentor is unknown, but we do know that her mentor taught her her amazing hunting skills and showed her how to make use of her incredibly long legs. She became very highly respected like her mentor before her and Dragonstar after her.

Becoming a WarriorEdit

Runningfoot's warrior ceremony was held 13 moons after she became an apprentice. Her mentor suggested her warrior name and Stormstar agreed that it would be good. She was then called Runningfoot because of her long legs. She was extremely respected among her Clanmates. She fed the Clan for moons and moons with her amazing hunting skills.

Mating with LittletailEdit

Runningfoot and Littletail were rivals as apprentices, but Littletail's heart melted after Runningfoot saved him from an unsuspected landslide. She owed Runningfoot her life and from that moment on he loved her . After 6 moons of being a warrior, Littletail proposed and they mated. They never had any kits, but loved each other nonetheless.


Runningfoot mentored the great leader: Dragonstar. Runningfoot taught him extremely well and passed her wisdom and hunting skills, as well as her combat skills, down to him. He is now one of the most respected and wisest leaders ever thanks to Runningfoot.


Runningfoot and Littletail became elders after 14 moons of serving the Clan as warriors. They retired at exactly the same time and were never apart. Now, they love telling stories to the young kits and sleeping for the entire day. They are very sweet elders.


Runningfoot is a white she-cat with extremely long legs.