Runningstep is a pale brown tabby tom with deep green eyes.

Clan(s) Starclan, Thunderclan
Gender Tom
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Amberpelt and Nightclaw
Litter-Mate(s) Acornfall and Roselight
Mate(s) Leafsplash
Children Mudstripe, Fernkit, Adderkit, and Morningkit
Mentor(s) Birchtail
Apprentice(s) Flintpaw ( Flintstorm )
Death Drown in Flood
Post-Death Starclan
Alive Books Twisted Paths, Echo of the Stars, Rising Water.
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Names Edit

Kit: Runningkit

Apprentice: Runningpaw

Warrior: Runningstep

Starclan Resident: Runningstep

Facts Edit

  • Runningstep watches over his son from Starclan.
  • Runningstep gave Scorchstar the life of courage, so she can take on any challenge without fear.