Rustclaw FireClan
Clan(s) ThunderClan and FireClan
Basic Info
Parents Breezeflower and Crimsonstar
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) Silverfang
Children Redkit, Ivorykit and Ebonykit
Mentor(s) Badgerpelt and Crimsonstar
Apprentice(s) None



Rustclaw was born as a kit in a warrior clan known as ThunderClan. He was called Rustkit. His mother was Breezeflower and his father was Crimsonstreak. Rustkit was an only child, he had no litter-mates or older siblings. His mother was killed while protecting him from a fox. He survived thanks to his mother's best friend Clovertail who took care of him along with her kits Silverkit and Goldenkit. They three survived to six moons and became apprentices.


He was given the name Rustpaw due to his orange red fur. His mentor was a cat called Bagerpelt. He trained hard but learned slow. Warrior training was hard for Rustpaw. With the help of Silverpaw, who was formerly Silverkit, he slowly got better with his training. While he was an apprentice, their leader died and a new leader assumed the position. He was called Mubstar. He was a territble leader who only wanted to expaned the territroy of ThunderClan. He named Bagerpelt his deputy then had him killed so no one opposed his power. Crimsonstreak took over Rustpaw's training. He named a cat called Lizardfur his new deputy. He made Lizardfur lead attack after attack on the other clans. Many cats died including weak Lizardfur and Clovertail. Finally Rustpaw was ready to be a warrior.


Rustclaw was the new name he was given. Not long before Silverpaw and Goldenpaw were named Silverfang and Goldheart. Mudstar named another cat deputy. This was Finchpelt. She was a quiet cat and Mudstar thought she would give him no trouble. Finally Rustclaw left along with his father Crimsonstreak, Silverfang, Ashpelt, Wild-One, Poppyflower and Brownpaw. They were soon joined by Blackjaw. They left and formed a new group.


The new group was called FireClan. Crimsonstreak assumed leadership and was called Crimsonstar. Blackjaw became deputy. Then they were joined by Bronzestreak, Nightclaw, Blue-Eye, Roblinpaw and Snakepaw. They told them that Mudstar was killed by Finchpelt and Goldenheart. Finchpelt was leader and called Finchstar and her deputy was Goldenheart. Rustclaw became mates with Silverfang and they had three kits named Redkit, Ebonykit and Ivorykit.


Mother: Breezeflower

Father: Crimsonstar

Mate: Silverfang

Son: Redkit

Daughters: Ivorykit and Ebonykit



Silverfang FireClan

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