Sandpelt OceanClan
Clan(s) OceanClan
Basic Info
Parents Saltyfur and Weedwhisker
Litter-Mate(s) Windtail
Mate(s) Seafoot
Children None yet
Mentor(s) Oceanstar
Apprentice(s) Flowerwish
Sandpelt is role played by Aniju Aura.


Sandpelt was born in OceanClan to Saltyfur and Weedwhisker. Her litter mate was Windtail. She and her brother survived to become warriors. Her mentor was Oceanstar, the leader. She soon became a warrior and got Flowerwish as her apprentice. She was an ragular warrior. She was sweet and kind and often helped others with their problems. Than one day she was returning from hunting and found a dead cat that was skinned and left outside the camp site for all too see. Sandpelt was troubled by this but manged to get back to her warrior duties the next day. That day she was attacked and was found bleeding and laying in the river that goes into the sea. She recovered and soon became mates with Seafoot. She moved into the Queens den.


Mother: Saltyfoot

Father: Weedwhisker

Brother: Windtail

Mate: Seafoot