Seafoot and crab

Seafoot is role played by Sir Rock.


Seafoot was born in OceanClan. He is a mottled gray tom with blue eyes. His mother was Weedwhisker. He became a warrior like all kits some day do, excepted for Medicine Cats. His father was a cat from IceClan so he is half IceClan and OceanClan. The other cats excepted him anyways even if he has half blood. He became mates with Sandpelt.

Marine WarriorsEdit

Seafoot is one of the of the warriors who go to save Sandpelt. She discovered a dead cat killed by the Cat Murderer. He took her back to the camp and went hunting for her. On his way back he came across more dead cats from JungleClan. The Murderer struck again. Wavetail found more dead cats after Puddlekit wandered off, so Windtail took a few warriors, Seafoot was one of them. Windtail went back to camp with his group of warriors. Oceanstar had disappeared so he went to find her. Seafoot had found another dead cat so he went to find Windtail. He didn't want him to be out there by himself. He came to a bloodly scene, The Killer was attacking Windtail, deputy Clawsplash and leader Oceanstar. A JungleClan apprentice was there named Hawkpaw. He attacked the killer but was thrown back after he was cut by the killer's knife. He attacked again along with Windtail and Hawkpaw. Seafoot was stabbed but survived the attack. Then another twoleg named David appeared with his two dogs. The Murderer ran off into the darkness. Seafoot blacked out from blood lost.