ShadeClan and it's characters are my property.

However, I expect some of you to have the same Clan name and characters c:

This may be updated, as it is in this story I am writing-->

Steelclaw I will beat Blackstorm 00:17, September 18, 2014 (UTC)




Silverstar- Magnificent silver she-cat

Apprentice, Greypaw


Wavewhisker- Blue-grey tom

Medicine Cat

Ivydawn- White and silver she-cat with green eyes


Spottedflight- Tortoiseshell she-cat

Runningheart- Grey and white tom

Daisywind- Cream coloured she-cat

Windpelt- Grey tom with white tabby stripes

Bluepelt- Silver tabby she-cat with blue-grey paws and green eyes

Apprentice, Treepaw

Kinkleap- Brown tabby she-cat with a kinked tail and grey eyes

Mousefoot- Dappled grey tom with yellow eyes

Lionfur- Fluffy golden tom with blue eyes

Soilfoot- Extremely dark brown tom

Brindleheart- Silver tabby she-cat

Dewlight- Dark grey she-cat with sapphire blue eyes

Cinderwhisper- Grey she-cat with green eyes

Palestorm- Pale brown tom

Minnowsplash- Small grey tabby she-cat

Puddlestream- Blue-grey she-cat

Swiftwater- Calico she-cat


Greypaw- Grey tom

Treepaw- Chestnut-brown tabby she-cat


Echospirit- Long-haired silver she-cat with emerald green eyes. Expecting Mudspeck's kits

Dapplespots- Tortoiseshell she-cat with black paws and yellow eyes. Nursing Lionfur's kits, Hawthornkit, Poppykit, and Oakkit


Hawthornkit- Golden tom with dark green eyes

Poppykit- Tortoiseshell she-cat

Oakkit- Light brown tabby tom (named after Dapplespots's dead brother)


Grassflight- Brown she-cat

Fireclaw- Golden tom with dark ginger paws

Beetlewhisker- Black tom, former medicine cat

A Little History

Shade was a mysterious kittypet, intrigued by the forest. One faithful day the black she-cat ventured out, and met three other loners- Lightning Strike, Leaf, and Ancient Stone. The others were both interested in the forest and wanted to see if it could sustain life. The four formed groups; Shade Forest, Lightning Moor, Leaf Pines, and Ancient Beach, led by their respective leader. Cats who lived around heard word of the groups, and began to join them. They then formed into Clans- ShadeClan, LightningClan, LeafClan, and AncientClan. The cats who had joined Clans began to take on mates and multiply the Clan, so that they could hunt and fight.

Now those four Clans are the Clans that live in this fantasy c:

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