Shade was born in the mountains. She loved to leave her cave everyday. She played in the water more than any kit in the mountain range. One day when she was still young her parents left her. She looked all over the mountain and found herself alone. Shade cried through most of the nights.


Shade was crying one day but met a pitch black tom named Night. He comforted her and she swiftly fell in love with him. When she heard that he was forming a Clan called NightClan, she went with her new love and joined NightClan, before any other cat.


She was named Shadeflower, by Night. She was with him on every turn and one cold day gave birth to a beautiful grey and dark grey spotted kit. Night doved her Soulkit. Shadeflower was given Soulpaw to train. She trained her daughter well and taught her everything she had learned. One day she learns Night has been killed by a murders cat named Coldheart. She yowls in pain and flees the mountains. She is later found dead, killed by a monster.


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Mate: Night

Daughter: Soulstar