Shadowclaw PhantomClan
Clan(s) PhantomClan
Basic Info
Parents Koko and Mister
Litter-Mate(s) Velvet
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Phantomstar
Apprentice(s) Thunderstorm

Shadowclaw joined PhantomClan along with Lionclaw, Darkpelt, Swiftfoot and Frostheart. His mother was a kitypet named Koko and his father was Mister. He wa sborn with one sister named Velvet. As a young cat he left to join Phantomstar who trained him but Shadowclaw was a fast leaner and soon no longer needed Phantomstar. She he was given an apprenrtice named Thunderpaw. He trained Thunderpaw and soon became a warrior too named Thunderstrom. When Phanotmstar left to join MasterClan Darkpelt and Peachfur competed for the poition of leader. Darkpelt won and became Darkstar. Lionclaw became ddeputy but Shadowclaw also wanted to be deputy so he over threw Lionclaw and became deputy beside Darkstar. He has been deputy since then and no one has challenged him.


Mother: Koko

Father: Mister

Sister: Velvet



Darkstar PhantomClan