Clan(s) ShadowClan
Gender Female
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Strengths Cunning, stealth
Weaknesses Impulsiveness
Owner Mythies123
Shadowheart belongs to Mythies123. You can use her with my permission.

Description Edit

Shadowheart is a dark tabby she-cat. Her eyes are cunning and a pale gray-green. Her pads are soft, accustomed to damp ShadowClan marshland. Her sharp ears and soft tail are tipped with gray. A small scar mars the side of her face. Her claws are surprisingly sharp, white slivers of piercing moon. She stalks both prey and foe like Shadow herself, soft pads not making a sound on the pine needle laden ground, slipping among the tall pines, a seemingly soft, but surprisingly sharp, shadow.

Personality Edit

Shadowheart is an enigma all the way through. Trusting no one and yet relishing other cats putting trust in her, it is said she is surely destined for leadership of ShadowClan. She stalks among the shadows, both literally and figuratively. Content to watch from the edges, Shadowheart can be shy in a certain way. You don't want to get in her way in a battle though. Whatever shyness she feels in friendly conversation is matched by her enigmatic power, stealth, and courage. She is rumored to carry the spirit of Shadow herself.

History Edit

As a Kit Edit

Shadowkit and Fallkit were born on the darkest of claw-moons with a black storm raging overhead. Even ShadowClan senior warriors could not see more than a fox-length. As the single surviving kit of Pinefur and Moonheart (Poor Fallkit lived just long enough to be named), Shadowkit was named for the substance that clung to the pines like black sheepswool, the enchantment that ShadowClan relished, that only the greatest of full moons could penetrate- Shadow!

Shadowkit was a eager little mystery from the start; she opened her eyes in a few sunrises, ventured out of the nursery only a while later, tried her first piece of fresh-kill at a moon. She was fascinated by elder's tales of great battles and mysterious shadows, especially stories about Shadow, ShadowClan founder. Yet, maybe because she was raised with no littermates, Shadowkit disliked talking or sharing tongues with other cats. She, perhaps, would have been happy as a loner, if she hadn't been so loyal to her clan.

As an Apprentice Edit

Shadowkit was made an apprentice at only five and a half moons because Spiritstar thought she was ready. Now as Shadowpaw, she is unexpectedly apprenticed to her own father, Pinefur. Contrary to the popular belief, Pinefur was most certainly not soft on Shadowpaw. He pushed her as hard as he would any apprentice, though perhaps a little generous in praise. Shadowpaw was actually quite comfortable talking with her father, although not overly friendly.

During a dusk patrol, a fox's claws slashed down the side of Shadowpaw's face. Fearing the worst, Pinefur dragged her back to camp to Darkleaf. Under Darkleaf's careful care, Shadowpaw recovered in a few week with only a slim claw-scratch of a scar on her cheek. She returned to training with her father.

As a Warrior Edit

After Shadowheart's warrior ceremony, as she sat vigil, a group a rouges snuck into camp, hoping to take ShadowClan by surprise. However, they unwisely chose a dark night where ShadowClan saw them first. Darting from the darkness to nip at a leg or tail, caterwauling from the mist, ShadowClan slowly scared the rouges to such a point where they fled at the slightest sound.