No one knows who Shadowscar was born to, all they know is his story;

One cold day, Tigerstar sent out a patrol. They heard the faint mew of a kit lying on the cold ground. They couldn't just leave it there, so they took him back to camp. Tigerstar was surprised at the sight of the kit. He saw something "special" in this kit. So he told his warriors to put him in the nusery, with the other kits. Soon the kit was able to walk. He liked to play tricks on the other kits by sneaking up on them silently in the dark, giving him his name: Shadow. Shadowkit grew quickly and he soon was an apprentice. And a warrior named Blackpelt got mad at Shadowpaw for being Tigerstar's "favorite"; for he wanted to be Tigerstar's favorite. One day Blackpelt came up with a evil plot to get rid of Shadowpaw. A few days later Shadowpaw was in the apprentices den when Blackpelt asked if he wanted to go hunting with him and his friends. Shadowpaw was delighted to come with, and in no time they where off to go hunting. They entered into a strip of land that Tigerstar said was across the border. "Didn't Tigerstar tell us that this is passed the border, Blackpelt?" Shadowpaw asked. Blackpelt glared at Shadowpaw and said "This is one of the best hunting spots." Shadowpaw looked at Blackpelt and "So, you're going to hunt out of boundaries and get your tail kicked by Tigerstar?... Good plan." Shadowpaw said sarcastically. Blackpelt glared at Shadowpaw again. This time Shadowpaw wasn't so stupid. This time he saw the emotion in Blackpelt's eyes; hate. Shadowpaw had put it all together now. "What's going on?" Shadowpaw said in a trembleing voice. Although it was a rather stupid question. He knew what Blackpelt was doing. "You will soon find out..." Blackpelt said. At that moment Blackpelt and his friends attacked him. Blackpelt scratched Shadowpaw's right eye, blinded it. Then he was pined to the ground by Blackpelt."Wh-why are you doing this?" said Shadowpaw scared for his life. "Shut up you stupid kittypet!" Shadowpaw's vision started to blur. You will pay, blackpelt. Shadowpaw though. You will die for what you have done this day.

  • Authors note*

I am going through all of the stories I have written, and adding grammar. I will finish them as soon as I can.

- Mitchster