Sheeppelt TerraClan
Clan(s) TerraClan
Basic Info
Parents Sugar (Father unknown), and Brassbird (Her Clan mother)
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Stripeface
Apprentice(s) None


Sheeppelt was born in a Twoleg nest as a kittypet. She was named Fluffy because of her incredibly white, wooly fur. She was a very cute kit as well, making her well-suited for a kittypet life. Her mother was named Sugar. Sugar secretly met with a cat named Polarfrost that came from TerraClan. She was in his debt because he saved her from a group of rouges that found her alone in the forest and attacked her. She felt like she was in his debt, so one night she came out of her Twoleg nest with Sheeppelt. She met Polarfrost in the forest and gave him Sheeppelt. Sugar asked him to make her into one of his Clan's greatest warriors. Polarfrost took Sheeppelt and brought her back to camp. She was accepted into the Clan, though many disagreed.

Being Apprenticed in TerraClanEdit

Sheepelt was an old kit, just turning six moons old. Her apprentice ceremony was held only three days after she was brought into camp. She was named Sheeppaw and was given Stripeface as her mentor. Her beliefs about StarClan were questioned when she accepted to become an apprentice. After all, she was born a kittypet without any Clan family. Her loyalties were questioned by many warriors. Her mentor was kind and forgiving and believed her. Stripeface taught her to be an excellent Clan warrior, Clanborn or not. She was called "Fluffball" and "Kitty" many times, but she learned to ignore it. She was trained to be an excellent hunter, although she lagged a bit in combat. Reguardless, she became a great Clan member. After 19 moons of training, she became a warrior. Her training took so long because of her kittypet roots.


Dragonstar made her a warrior at Stripeface's request. She was named Sheeppelt because of her pelt. It had turned from a fluffball to a rough , but still soft, texture. Polarfrost attended her ceremony proudly. The next day he resigned to become an elder and Thornstar took over as deputy. She visited him regularly, bringing him the first catch that she had made every day. He was like the father she never had. She became a trusted warrior after a few moons as a warrior. Only a few cats still questioned her loyalties. She became a very good warrior, but was unable to get a mate or an apprentice because of her kittypet roots. Nonetheless, she had a good, light-hearted spirit. She finally was able to visit her mother, who was nearing death. She was overjoyed to see how Sheeppelt had turned out. Sheeppelt still had no divided loyalties. The question of her beliefs became answered as she served the Clan as a loyal Clan warrior and made it clear that she served StarClan.


Sheeppelt is a soft-pelted white she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. The softness of her pelt shows that she was once a kittypet.