Shiverfur IceClan
Clan(s) IceClan
Basic Info
Parents Sleetfur and Frostheart
Litter-Mate(s) Wintersoul
Mate(s) None yet
Children None
Mentor(s) Frostheart
Apprentice(s) None yet

Shiverfur is role played by Burnedstar


Kit Hood: ShiverkitEdit

Born to Frostheart and Sleetfur, Shiverkit wasn't much to talk about. She was small and had a different fur pattern than her father or her mother. When she was 5 1/2 moons old she was picked on by the apprentices because of her size.

Apprentice: ShiverpawEdit

When she became an apprentice, no cat wanted to train her. She was only the size of a kit. Her father, Frostheart, was in-raged by his clan and took the role of her mentor. Training her as he was trained he saw that his daughter could be as great as the other apprentices. During her training, she fell off a cliff and landed in a fox hole. Her father risked his life and pulled her from the fox's den. She ran with her father and escaped the fox. She grew to be the size of a usual apprentice size when she was a warrior.

Warrior: ShiverfurEdit

When she was named Shiverfur, most cats still weren't sure if this small cat could hold her own in a fight. Shiverfur became shy and was almost forgotten by her clan. She had laid down for a nap when she saw a male warrior, Wingclaw, come up to her. He laid down beside her and they talked. Wingclaw, from what she could tell, was a kind cat and seemed the type to care for anyone. Shiverfur finally was talked into speaking with the other warriors. With Wingclaw by her side she talked to almost everyone in her clan. She wanted Wingclaw to be her mate but she new that if she had kits she would die giving birth to them.