Silverfang FireClan
Clan(s) ThunderClan and FireClan
Basic Info
Parents Cloverpelt and Hawkfang
Litter-Mate(s) Goldenheart
Mate(s) Rustclaw
Children Redkit, Ivorykit and Ebonykit
Mentor(s) Blackjaw
Apprentice(s) None



Silverkit was born in ThunderClan with one brother named Goldenkit. Her mother was Cloverpelt and her father was Hawkfang. They were born around the same time Breezflower gave birth to a single kit named Rustkit. Breezeflower and Cloverpelt were best friends since kithood when they were both born around the same time. A fox attacked the nursery and killed Breezeflower who defended the kits while Cloverplet carried each kit away to safity. After Breezeflower's death Cloverplet ook care of Rustkit along with Silverkit and Goldenkit. They survived to becaome appentices.


Silverpaw got her mentor named Blackjaw. She learned fast compared to Rustpaw. She and her bother Goldenpaw often helped him out with training. While She was an apprentice, their leader died and a new leader Mubstar took over. He was a territble leader who only wanted to expaned the territroy of ThunderClan. He named Bagerpelt, Rustpaw's mentor, his deputy then had him killed so no one opposed his power. Rustpaw's father Crimsonstreak became his mentor afterwards. Mudstar named a cat called Lizardfur his new deputy. Lizardfur was already sick and frighten easily. He was recovering from a sickness when he was made deputy. Mudstar made Lizardfur lead attack after attack on the other clans. Many cats died including weak Lizardfur and Silverfang's mother Clovertail. Finally Silverpaw was made into a warrior.


Silverfang, Goldenheart and Rustclaw were all maed into warriors. She stayed in the clan a little longer then left with Crimsonstreak, Rustcalw, Ashpelt, Wild-One, Poppyflower and Brownpaw afther Finchplet was named deputy. Her father Hawkfang retired around this time and died in his sleep. The small group was soon joined by Blackjaw, Silverfang' mentor. They left and formed a new group.


They left the area and crossed over the mountains. They soon came to a new place where the tree with bark like fire. The cats settled down in the red wood forest and named their new clan FireClan. Crimsonstreak assumed leadership and was called Crimsonstar. Blackjaw became deputy. Then they were joined by Bronzestreak, Nightclaw, Blue-Eye, Roblinpaw and Snakepaw. The group grew when Poppyflower gave birth to three kits, Stormkit, Dustykit and Specklekit. Silverfang later becames mates with Rustclaw and gave birth to her own kits, a son named Redkit, and two daughters named Ivorykit and Ebonykit.


Mother: Cloverpelt

Father: Hawkfang

Brother: Goldenheart

Mate: Rustclaw

Son: Redkit

Duaghters: Ivorykit and Ebonykit



Rustclaw FireClan

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