Silverleaf IceClan
Clan(s) IceClan
Basic Info
Parents Ferncloud and dustpelt
Litter-Mate(s) Riverstorm
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) ferncloud
Apprentice(s) Skyfur

Silverleaf is role played by Silvercatsanddogs.


Silverkit was a joyful kit born in an unknown Clan but when her mentor Cinderpelt died and all the warriors died she her mother and sister had to leave the forest and start a new life. They met IceClan who had been formed by a group of stays. They were welcomes in to the Clan by leader Icestar.


Silverpaw was mentored by her mother who knew a little about medicine and from her mothers help she became agreat medicine cat but without a clan she had no were to go Icestar thought she deserved to be a part of a clan so he collected a couple of rough cats and started a clan still Silverpaw was not ready to be a medicine cat she worked hard to treat her new clan well . Her mother Ferncloud died before she became a medicine cat she was sad Icestsr told her she could be in Iceclan . Some cats said her sister should be in OceanClan . Her sister wanted to be a warrior so she took the name Riverstorm and she took the name Silverleaf.

Medicine CatEdit

Silverleaf became the Medicine Cat of IceClan. Her apperantace is snowpaw who latter became snowsplash . Her sister Riverstorm hadd two kits one caugth greencoagth and silverleaf saved it . She knows leafpool a part of her birth clan thunderClan . Her sister Riverstorm hurt on a thunder path she survied but she was badly injured and had to lay off being a warrior fo two moons . She has been very close to death one time she was looking for herbs to heal her sister and came across some oceanclan warriors . They Knew she was a medicine cat and couldn't hurt her thet ignored that anway . They got into a battle an she was outnumbered and cold . She barly escaped with her life . When her clan found her a few days after they thougth she smelled like oceanclan and they had a battle .