Clan(s) CrescentClan
Gender Female
Rank Queen/Deputy
Basic Info
Parents Obsidianstar, Starbell
Litter-Mate(s) Sparkle Wark Amberclaw
Mate(s) Greenstar
Children Starkit, Fogkit, Skykit
Mentor(s) Emeraldheart
Apprentice(s) Snowpaw
Names: Kit:Silverkit

Apprentice:Silversky Warrior:Silvermoon Queen:Silvermoon

Owner Snowleopardtheicewing
Silvermoon is a shiny silver she-cat with shimmering blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Silvermoon is very confident and won't let other cats boss her around. She likes to tease her clanmates and have fun.

Main article: "How many moons can a warrior proceed for many moons to come? It can. There are things in life you can do,and can't do."

Clan Edit

She is the daughter of the former leader of CrescentClan,his name is Obsidainstar and the Queen,Starbell. She is sister to Sparkle Wark and Amberclaw,and mate to the current leader, Greenstar, she has 3 young kits: Starkit, Fogkit,Skykit.

Silvermoon's Power Edit

Sunkit and Silverkit are born to Obsidianfang and Starbell,

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