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Clan(s) DuskClan
Gender Female
Rank Deputy
Basic Info
Parents Mother - Whitenose

Father - Cloudfeather (DawnClan)

Litter-Mate(s) Willowcloud
Mentor(s) Pinepelt
Apprentice(s) Heatherwing, Morningpaw
Previous Names Silverkit, Silverpaw

Silversky is an extremely pale grey she-cat with dark tiger stripes and deep blue eyes. She has very sleek, silky fur and large broad shoulders. Her nose is very dark and her pads are harder than normal for the clan.

History Edit

Kithood Edit

Silverkit was born just after Duskstar lost her second last life. She was born to Whitenose and it was assumed that her and sister, Willowkit were the kits of Whitetail. This turned out to not be the case as the real father of the kits was Cloudfeather of DawnClan. This has not yet been found out about by the clan.

Apprenticeship Edit

Silverpaw was apprenticed by Darkfeather. She was a hard working apprentice and was known for her unusal hunting method of jumping down on prey from above. She was well liked by the elders as she always found a bird egg or two for them.

Warrior Edit

Silversky received her warrior name in honor of being the only cat to reach the top of the Tall Pine. When DuskStar named her she said "Your name will be Silversky in honour of you being the only cat of our clan to touch the sky."

Silversky received her first apprentice a moon after her naming ceremony, she was the mentor to Heatherwing (then Heatherpaw) and taught her many things. One of the main techniques she taught was tree-hunting. Half a moon after Heatherwing's naming cermonyy, there was a large battle between DuskClan and DawnClan. During this battle, Duskstar lost her last life to Tigershade. Silversky jumped to her leader's defence but she was too late After the battle Silversky was named the deputy to Redstar due to her bravery both in battle and within clan life.

Family Edit

Father: Cloudfeather, DawnClan

Mother: Whitenose

Siblings: Willowcloud (sister)

Half-brothers/sisters: Rainkit (male), Willowkit (female), Blossomkit (female), Beekit (male) } all DawnClan

Nephews/Nieces: Tigerpaw(male), Bramblekit (male), Cherrykit (female)