Clan(s) DeepClan
Gender Male
Rank Darkclaw, leader
Basic Info
Parents Mapleblaze (mother)
Litter-Mate(s) Tattertail
Apprentice(s) Antpaw (Anttail)
Allegiance Description Gray tom with smooth, flat fur the color of rock
Names Slatekit, Slatepaw, Slatepelt, Slatestar
Talents Sharp eyesight, good speaker, experienced, charismatic
Owner Public
Slatestar is a leader of DeepClan, and is public for use.

Description Edit

His eyes are large and palest blue, his pelt so flat you can see his muscles move, his ears pointed and large, his whiskers extremely long. He is palest gray, with highlights of pale blue and silver. A long, twisted scar runs down his back, a souvenir of a fall off a tall rock.

Personality Edit

His personality is highly up to whoever is using him, but basically, he is a smart, influencing leader with a talent for speaking. He has a way of getting cats to listen, and uses it well. He, while a fair, bright leader, is just the tiniest bit slow-on-the-uptake and impulsive. He knows this, and always thinks things through carefully to prevent a mistake on his part. He is also a little bit clumsy. It is a famous event in DeepClan gossip when he tripped and fell... right on top of Mapleblaze. And when he got stuck in a tunnel. And fell in the underground river. Etc. But, he picked himself up and just laughed about it, because he isn't a very dignified cat. But when it comes to protecting his Clan, he comes through with flying colors.