Smoketail LeafClan
Clan(s) LeafClan
Basic Info
Parents Flowerstar and Silverfur
Litter-Mate(s) Brightsky
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Stardapple
Apprentice(s) None
Smoketail is a dark gray she-cat with amber eyes.

Kit Edit

Smokekit was born to Flowerstar and Silverfur on a stormy leaf-bare with her sister, Brightsky. They were wild and energetic kits, and they always had Flowerstar on her paws. Even as a kit Smoketail knew she wanted to be a medicine cat. This upset her sister, but Brightkit knew how much this meant to Smoketail, so she tried to put her sadness behind her.

Medicine Cat Apprentice Edit

Smoketail was apprenticed to Stardapple, the Clan medicine cat, when she was six moons. Smokepaw learned to share her mentor's interest in plants, flowers, and the beautiful pebbles you can find by fishing stream in LeafClan territory. Smokepaw was there to help whenever a cat was hurt or sick. She understood that medicine cats cannot have mates, quickly dropping her crush on Fire-eyes. She could not spend as much time with Brightpaw as an apprentice, but the two sisters remained close as ever.

Medicine Cat Edit

Smoketail was made a medicine cat at the star-drown place, with all the other medicine cats around her. She knew all the herbs and medicines, and tried her best to save Stardapple when she was attacked by a badger. Sadly, she failed, and Smoketail's beloved mentor soon joined the ranks of MoonClan. Smoketail is still medicine cat of LeafClan today, and her sister Brightsky is a warrior. Smoketail has no apprentice yet, but will get one soon.