Clan(s) WindClan
Gender Male
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Parents Rainspots (Mother) Iceclaw (Father)
Litter-Mate(s) Dapplefur, Falconshadow
Mentor(s) Sunstream, Cloudpelt
Apprentice(s) Wolftail

Smoketail was a WindClan warrior who lived during the time after the invasion of the Dark Forest. He was originally mentored by a WindClan warrior named Sunstream. Unfortuantely, Sunstream was killed several moons later during a border skirmish. Smoketail, then Smokepaw, retreated into himself, refusing to talk with anyone. Eventually, the WindClan medicine cat, Dewspots, was able to bring the young 'paw out of his seclusion with the assistance of Sunstream, who had gone to StarClan and visited the young apprentice in a dream. His mentoring was taken over by an older warrior named Cloudpelt. The scars from Sunstream's death were just beginning to fade in Smoketail's heart when a dispute over prey turned violent and Cloudpelt was severely injured. He soon passed right in front of his apprentice, pushing him once again into seclusion. Smoketail remained that way for nearly two seasons, until finally a bouncy young apprentice named Wolfpaw forced his way into Smoketail's heart. Smoketail eventually found peace and happiness, eventually dying at a ripe old age.

Biography Edit

Kit Edit

Smoketail was born to Iceclaw and Rainspots several seasons after the Dark Forest invasion, along with Dapple and Falconkit. He was energetic as a kit, eager to grow up and be apprenticed. He spent most of his later kithood dashing around the nursery, scattering moss and generally being a nuisance.

Apprentice Edit

Smoketail's time as an apprentice was the most painful and live-changing period of his life. He was first apprenticed to an experienced warrior named Sunstream, who quickly recognized the young 'paw's tactical brilliance. She trained him to not rely on strength or numbers, but on his own wits. Smoketail grew into a skilled fighter and brilliant tactician. However, this promising apprentice was almost destroyed by the weight of his own grief. Three moons into his training, he, Sunstream, and three other warriors got into a dispute with some particularly pugnacious RiverClan warriors. The dispute turned violent, with Sunstream and another warrior being killed and Smoketail being severely injured. Upon his successful recovery, Smoketail refused to exit his den. Nothing the current WindClan leader, Sparrowstar, or his medicine cat Dewspots said could bring him back to the Clan. Sparrowstar eventually threatened punishment, but fortunately for Smoketail Sunstream had not fully left him. Following an unsuccessful attempt by Dewspots to convince him to train with his newly assigned mentor, Cloudpelt, Sunstream visited Smoketail in a dream, encouraging him to let her go and continue to train.