Founders Solar, Energy, Power, Fang
Current Stats
Current Leader Wildstar
Current Deputy Badgerclaw
Current Medicine Cat Falconfall
Apprentice(s) 6



Wildstar is the current leader.


Badgerclaw is the current deputy.

Medicine CatsEdit

Falconfall is the current medicine cat.



SolarClan Current MembersEdit

Leader: Wildstar –Brown tom with long whiskers.Apprentice- Spottedpaw

Deputy: Badgerclaw – Gray tom with a white stripe down his back.Apprentice- Tanglepaw

Medicine Cat: Falconfall – Brown tom with black flecks. Apprentice- Scarpaw

Warriors (Toms and she-cat without kits)

Horizonfall - A white and tortioseshell she-cat

Sunfang – Bright ginger tom with brown paws. Apprentice- Mudpaw

Thorntail – Dark gray tom.

Redsky – Proud tortoiseshell she-cat.

Swifteyes – White tom with brown circles around his eyes.

Mousewish – Light-brown she-cat with a star shaped white tuft of fur. Apprentice- Rockpaw

Hawkfire – Large brown tom with a white belly. Apprentice- Darkpaw

Apprentices (Older than six moon training to becoem warriors)

Scarpaw – Black tom with a scar on his face from birth. Mentor- Falconfall

Mudpaw – Dark brown she-cat.' 'Mentor- Sunfang

Darkpaw – Dark black tom with gray tail. Mentor- Hawkfire

Rockpaw – Brown tom with a light brown head. Mentor- Mousewish

Tanglepaw – A silver she-cat. Mentor- Badgerclaw

Spottedpaw – Black she-cat with white spots. Mentor- Wildstar

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Blackheart - Jet black she-cat with a white patch over her heart. Kits = Starkit, Moonkit, and Galaxykit. Father = Sunfang

Elders (Retired toms and queens)

Kit (Younger than six moons)

Starkit - Pure white she-kit.

Moonkit - Grayish white tom.

Galaxykit - Redish ginger tom.


SolarClan's main rivals are LunarClan.


SolarClan lives on a plain and has huts made of prey and deceased cats' hides.

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