Sootclaw is a large, light gray tom, with fluffy fur and dark yellow eyes.

Clan(s) Starclan, Thunderclan
Gender Tom
Rank Deputy
Basic Info
Parents Silverstar and Snowlight
Litter-Mate(s) Bluetail
Mate(s) Hollywind
Children Scorchstar
Mentor(s) Featherclaw
Apprentice(s) Nightpaw ( Nightclaw ), Bramblepaw ( Bramblefur ).
Death Died of Greencough
Post-Death Starclan
Alive Books Timberstar's Past, Twisted Paths, Echo of the Stars, Rising Waters, Dark Frost
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Sootclaw is the son of Snowlight and Silverstar, along with his sister Bluetail.

Names Edit

Kit: Sootkit

Apprentice: Sootpaw

Warrior: Sootclaw

Deputy: Sootclaw

Starclan Resident: Sootclaw.

Trivia Edit

  • Sootclaw is usually the one who visits Scorchstar's dreams.
  • Though very loyal, he fell in love with a kittypet, Holly or now Hollywind.
  • He was Timberstar's first deputy, and served him for much of his leadership.