Sorrowstar SorrowClan
Clan(s) SorrowClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Frost and Joystar
Mate(s) Fogheart
Children Unknown
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) Unknown

Sorrowstar was the one who discovered and created SorrowClan. She was always happy to help Apprentices and Elders alike. She didn't like fighting, and discouraged any talk about it. Even so, she trained warriors in the skills of fighting. She would say she'll only fight if smitten.


She used to be a kittypet, her old name was indeed Sorrow. She eventually grew tired of the same four walls and backyard. so she clawed through her collar and dashed into the forest on a walk with her twoleg owner. She met up with Fog, Jade, and Ruby in the forest. they also had abandoned their owners. just before the clan was formed, they had met Pine. he was a rouge that had left RageClan. they decided to form a Clan and live together. so they searched for a good spot to live. soon, they had climbed a mountain and found a huge cave. it was filled with lots of nooks and crannies for cats of various sizes. once they chose the spot they decided to come up with a clan name. "How about....SorrowClan?" said Jade. "You it after me?" Sorrow had said. "Yeah! without you we wouldn't have joined together and made this clan!" agreed Ruby. They all agreed and named it SorrowClan. then, they each got their names. Sorrow changed to Sorrowstar, Jade to Jadetail, Ruby to Rubytail, Fog to Fogheart, and Pine to Pinefrost. soon, more kindly rouges and kittypets that abandoned their owners joined, and SorrowClan was filled with lots of happy shouts and cheers. Sorrowstar will agree to be called Sorrow, but only by Jadetail, Rubytail, Fogheart, or Pinefrost. In Rising Emotions, It was revealed Rusty aka Firestar ThunderClan, was her great grandfather.


  • Her concept coloring is a pale sandy ginger with brown markings
  • Her second concept (Drawings only) was white with blue tear-shaped marks and feet
  • Her third concept (Above) Is grey with deep olive green markings
  • She is sister of Joystar