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SoulClan's Logo
Founders Tulipstar (technically)
Clans HailClan, BlossomClan, and SlateClan
Role Afterlife of good cats
Current Stats
Number of Members Far too many
Owner Cela08
SoulClan is what is believed to be the Afterlife for the good cats of HailClan, BlossomClan, and SlateClan. The counterpart for bad cats is known as the Dead End. The idea of their afterlife being in SoulClan was thought of by Tulipstar, one of the original founders of the three Clans. Cats in SoulClan generally have a light, wispy look about their bodies, and are slightly transparent. They take the appearance they had before they died (though there are exceptions when the cat was disfigured pre-death and requested to no longer look that way). Cats in SoulClan don't feel pain or hunger, unless they want to for whatever reason. They can eat prey from the world of the living, though there's no point to because there is prey in SoulClan's territories in the sky.

Getting into SoulClan Edit

Judgement Edit

Cats are only able to enter SoulClan if they are considered good cats, and not evil. This is generally decided by judging their sins. At first, cats were choosing to go into SoulClan when they died of their own accord, and everything was a huge mess. Then, the original Clan leaders, Chillstar, Tulipstar, Orestar, and Geodestar, decided it was necessary to make a council to judge cats. The four judge each cat who come in by their past actions in life, and if they're deemed worthy of SoulClan, that's where they go. If otherwise... they go straight to the Dead End.

The Waiting Room Edit

While waiting to be judged by the four, spirits sit in the Waiting Room. The only rule of the Waiting Room is that they cannot speak of the Waiting Room to anyone, whether living or dead. Getting caught doing so sends you straight to the Dead End. But most cats purge the memory of the Waiting Room from their mind.


Prophecies and Omens Edit

While SoulClan cats often give out prophecies and omens to the living, they are often less cryptic than StarClan, especially when dealing with HailClan, the "trouble Clan" of the three. Prophecies can range from being extremely vague to almost flat-out stating who it's about. Generally, the latter only arises when they fear the Clans would be in serious danger if they left out information.

There are various ways they deliver omens - often through vague hints in nature. They have minuscule control over the weather, so especially focused cats can whip up a storm whenever they are displeased with the Clans' actions. They also can heal or kill off plants very quickly - though certain plants important to the Clans are off-limits for the dead-plants omen. The one thing they can't affect is other cats, unless they come down there and become tangible.

While their preferred method is through dreams, SoulClan cats can manifest in the real world to deliver prophecies and omens. While doing so, they are only visible to cats they want to appear to. With a certain level of focus, they can even become partially tangible. Often, deceased medicine cats can do this without even trying. However, due to too many cats misusing tangibility (poltergeists, anyone?) and wasting energy just to spook their Clan, they can now only go down to the world of the living with approval from a leader of the Clan they came from, unless it's during the new moon.

Meeting with Clans Edit

The Sparkling Cave, discovered by Redfur of SlateClan while searching for herbs, is a large, many-roomed cavern full of quartz crystals. It's rather hard to get through there, but SoulClan cats guide medicine cats and leaders to a room with an incredibly large crystal of quartz, where the cats who travel there sleep and walk among the sky with SoulClan cats to discuss prophecies, the current state of the Clans, or receive nine lives.

During the new moon, however, the Sparkling Cave is often bustling with cats, both living and dead, as during the new moon, all SoulClan cats have full permission to go to the world of the living and swap stories and chat with friends and loved ones. Cats from any Clan are allowed to make the short journey to the Sparkling Cave so they can temporarily reunite with the friends and family they've lost.

Unfortunately, however, the new moon only lasts for two nights, and once it begins to wax again, the SoulClan cats must return.

Starting the Gatherings Edit

While at first, the three Clans believed that gatherings were not necessary, cats who went to SoulClan soon realized that without gatherings, the three Clans were drifting apart. And worse, they actually had no good gathering place. So, the SoulClan cats grouped together and actually created a large clearing in a spot unclaimed by the three Clans, and even designed it so it had three segments, one for each Clan. In the center was the spot for Clan leaders, a large stone with various markings carved upon it. Then, through dreams, they announced to the current leaders that now they had a gathering place. So, like in the original four Clans, every full moon the three Clans travel to the Great Clearing for a gathering.

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