Soulstar NightClan
Clan(s) NightClan, MountainStarClan, SpiritClan
Basic Info
Parents Night and Shadeflower
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Shadeflower
Apprentice(s) Stemfoot, Burnedheart



Born to Night, Founder of NightClan, and Shadeflower, Soulkit was told that she would one day lead a great clan against a great threat. "The soul will fall and a black heart will rule fairly in NightClan" was the story she was told when she was a kit. Always watching out for the other kittens, she thought that she could easily be a leader.


When she was turned into an apprentice, she was as happy as any other cat. Soulpaw trained with her mother, Shadeflower, in the ways of the warrior. She trained for hours on end and even took it a step farther, she trained herself in the darkest night. She continued to train until she had learned all that she could learn.

Warriors honorEdit

When she became a warrior, she looked out proudly and smiled at her clan mates. Soulpelt got along with everyone. She didn't stay a warrior for long. Coldheart, who would later become Coldstar, had come upon her old and dieing father. She learned that Coldstar had killed Night to show his clan that he could be a leader if he beat on. At the same time her mother ran away from the mountains.

The Great NightClan LeaderEdit

When Soulstar took on the role of leader, she was stern. She wanted to get back at Coldstar for what he did to her. She lead a small patrol down the mountain, and she found Shadeflower had been killed by a monster. She and her patrol blamed Coldstar and headed back into camp, Soulstar swearing she would kill Coldstar for all he had done. While she was getting ready to make war a medicine cat told her a tail, "The soul will fall and a blacked heart will rule fairly." Soulstar remembered the tail from when she was a kit. Later on, Soulstar meets up with Burnedheart and Stormheart. Burnedheart was the same color, same name, and same size as the warrior who would lead after her. She wanted to do away with him at first be realized if SpiritClan had willed it then it must have been true. Training him as best she could in her old age, Soulstar thought him honor, fighting skills, and battle plans. After her training, Coldstar set a raid against NightClan. Her deputy, Stemfoot, was killed during the fight. NightClan had won with the help of Burnedstar and Stormheart. Sharing her final words with her friend and deputy, she named Burnedheart deputy. She could tell by the way he asked his questions on the job, he was very new at the thought of being a deputy. Two moons later and just after a garthering, Coldstar came with a large raiding party. Soulstar was fed up with this leader that has caused her so much pain. She leapt on him and tried to take his second to last life. She misses and gets her throut torn open by Coldstar's fangs. She lied on the ground bleeding but watched as her friend/deputy, Burnedheart, ripped the FrostClan leader apart. She told him of the tail and died knowing she had found to perfect leader to replace her.


Night: Leader and founder of NightClan. He is a pitch black tom.

Shadeflower: Mate of Night. She is a grey and spotted dark grey.