Introdouction Edit

    SpaceClan is a neutral group of clans. They attack vicously, but only when they are attacked.  These clans are worst enemys with a clan calling themselves "MeteorClan".

Clans Inside*Edit

  •  CometClan
  • AstroidClan
  • HaloClan
  • KittycatClan
  • EnderdragonClan

*If you wish to be part of the allince, add your clan to the list.

Attack Edit

  1.    Spinning Flower

The user spins around rapidly to follow the opponent and then, arms spreadin rapidly, bump into them.

2. Ambush

Stealth is a main part of this technique. You sneak behind your opponent to jump, slash or bite them.

3. Mega Combo

Users use a variety of slashes, jumps, and bites in a code that varies by clan. This may help some clans identify each other. 

More attacks to be revealed...

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