SpiritClan was formed by those of StarClan who left with Jaggedtooth's part and formed a new Clan in the sky. They live in Silverpelt (the Milkyway to humans) in the sky and watch over all the new Clans. SpiritClan is made up of deceased warriors from all cats. There is no leader in SpiritClan though there are more dominant members. Whitestar is seen often and is thought to be one of the dominant cats. These cats can visit their living Clan-mates in their dreams. They often give the Clan Medicine Cat's visions and prophecies. Each dot of light in the night sky is a warrior's soul.

Since StarClan followed Firestar and the other cats to the Lake, SpiritClan is used instead. Over the years, StarClan cats have been leaving and still are to for other clans in the sky. This is how SpiritClan was made and is the geralwod used but the other Clans not featured in the Books, aka our Clans. They also have a branch off called MountainStarClan that are friends with SpiritClan be they live far away and so have a different name. SpiritClan doesn't talk to StarClan because they live on the other side of the sky. However they do sometimes speak with the cats in the Dark Forest.

Descendant ClansEdit

They are the anscestors of BlazeClan, StormClan, EchoClan and ForestClan.

SpiritClan also is for the Element Clans, FireClan, WaterClan, EarthClan and AirClan.

SpiritClan is also the anscestors of the Role Playing Clans, OceanClan, IceClan, MetalClan, JungleClan and WildClan.

All Known MembersEdit

Whitestar – a long haired white she-cat with one red eye and one blue eye

Demonclaw – a giant crimson tom with huge claws, spikes, four fangs and bat wings, a bad omen if seen

Earthstar – big brown tabby tom; former leader of EarthClan

Airstar – a fluffy ginger tom with blue eyes; former leader of AirClan

Mouseface – a marbled grey and black tom with yellow eyes; formerly of AirClan

Pineclaw – a grey and black tom with white paws and chest; former deputy of AirClan

Longpelt – a tan long hair tom; formerly of AirClan

Dayfur – a light brown she-cat; formerly of AirClan Nightfur – a black and white tom; formerly of AirClan

Soulstar – A grey and dark grey she cat with one blue eye and one amber eye; Formerly NightClan

Swampstar – along-hair gray tom with blue eyes and a scar on his face; formerly leader of SwampClan

Mercurywing – a black and white tom with yellow eyes, fromerly of MetalClan

Lilytail – a pale pink she-cat with paler spots, formerly of OceanClan.

Clawsplash – a light ginger tom who was blind, formerly of the deputy of OceanClan

Sparklestar – a blue gray she-cat with a white underside and blue eyes, Former Leader of WaterClan

Seafang – a sandy orange tom, former Medicine Cat of WaterClan

Sandclaw – a big beige tom with blue eyes Warrior of WaterClan

Raineyes – a dark blue black she-cat with deep blue eyes, Warrior of WaterClan

Shrimptail – a small white tom with black and grey spots, Warrior of WaterClan

Weedpelt – a black and grey tom, Warrior of WaterClan

Crabclaw –a bright ginger tom with blue eyes, Eldr of WaterClan

Shelltail – a light beige she-cat with green eyes, Elder of WaterClan

Windflight – a once black and white she-cat now she is grey and white, Warrior of AirClan

Rainstar – a black and white she-cat with gold amber eyes, Former Leader of AirClan

Oakleaf – a big brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws, Former Medicine Cat of AirClan

Squirreltail – a beige she-cat with a fluffy tail, Warrior of AirClan

Ratear – black and brown tom with rust-colored eyes, Warrior of AirClan

Dovetail – a small white she-cat with blue eyes, Warrior of AirClan

Buckleaf – a brown tom with a main, Warrior of AirClan

Badgerclaw – a tortoiseshell tom, Warrior of AirClan

Timberfall – a mottled black and white tom, Warrior of AirClan

Mossdrop – a black, grey and white mottle tom, Warrior of AirClan

Mangofur – a light ginger she-cat, Warrior of AirClan


OblivionClan enhabbits the Underwold which is for the cats who don't live in SpiritClan. This is like the Dark Forest and Demonclaw reigns over them. However Demonclaw is capible of traveling from SpiritClan to the world of the living without having to use dreams. The other cats of the Underworld cannot. They don't live in the sky but the earth and the warriors wonder around in the maze of caves in the darkness.

Demonclaw – a giant crimson tom with huge claws, spikes, four fangs and bat wings, a bad omen if seen


"The sky will turn to ash and the group will become fire," For The Land of Fire story.

“It can kill, it can murder, it can end lives. It only strikes at the silence of night. It has two to run and one to slash. You cannot fight it but you need another one just like it. Go get help from the person who helped you. Only one of them like the killer cat save you. Go back to the twolegs.” ~ Whitestar to Clawsplash, Marine Warriors.

“An old warrior will fall and a new one will rise. Blood will flood the land and a dark shadow will reign supreme.” ~ Whitestar to Windtail, Marine Warriors.

“Two stars burn bright across the sky. They travel far away to a new home. A home in trouble of the dark coldness. The two stars burned bright till one flicks out and darkness threatens to reclaim the land and all hope lies on the reaming star.” ~ a propecy for Burnedheart.

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